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[Mitsubishi Chemical sells paper cups made of biodegradable plastic]
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Mitsubishi Chemical's biodegradable paper cups are headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo. The company’s president recently announced that Japan Pulp Co., Ltd. will start selling MCC paper cups in October. Nippon Pulp Corporation is headquartered in Chuco, Tokyo. The biofilm is developed and patented by MCC and is a biodegradable plastic from plants.

  MCC is a well-known international chemical company dedicated to the production of high-performance products and industrial raw materials. It is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, and produces biological products under the control of the president. MCC and PTT Global Chemical Public Co., Ltd. form a joint venture. Biofilm is an environmentally friendly material that is decomposed by living microorganisms in the soil and decomposed into water and carbon dioxide. Due to its characteristics, that is, it has high heat resistance, high flexibility, high heat seal strength and biodegradability, so it is used as a laminate for the inner surface of paper cups instead of traditional polyethylene.

   Conventional projects such as compost bags and agricultural mulch use biological materials as raw materials. In addition, MCC has found a wide range of biological applications in coffee capsules, paper cups, straws and other food-related products. The company is working to introduce biological agents to several major overseas fast food chains.

MCC is continuing its research and development activities to expand the application of biodegradable and plant-derived plastics to promote a recycling-oriented society and achieve sustainable development goals under its broader vision: human, social and Sustainable happiness of the earth.

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