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[What is the difference between color masterbatch and filler masterbatch?]
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Many people think that color masterbatch and filler masterbatch are the same substance, and both can be used interchangeably. There is not much difference in effect, but it is very incorrect to think so. Because there are already very big differences between the two in terms of function. such as:

  Characteristics of commonly used masterbatch: ordinary carbon black polyethylene resin as the carrier, it is made by high temperature compaction. Ordinary carbon black is highly adaptable and easy to evacuate. It is suitable for general resin, blown film, wire, pipe, plastic, plastic, wire drawing, etc.

Filling masterbatch characteristics: good evacuation and plasticization, strong oxidation resistance and aging resistance, large filling volume, etc., enhance the hardness, rigidity, compression and wear resistance of the filled product, and reduce product shrinkage and deformation caused by shrinkage Etc., applicable to most plastic blown film, injection molding, pipe, sheet, etc.

From the above information, it can be concluded that although the commonly used color masterbatch and filler masterbatch can act on plastic products, their functions are different. One is mainly for color mixing, and the other is for the addition of natural raw materials of the product, and the effect is reduced. Cost, reduce shaping, this is their difference.

   Therefore, everyone must clearly distinguish the difference between color masterbatch and filler masterbatch, do not mix the two, otherwise it may cause dyeing failure and other situations if you make a mistake!

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