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[How to correct the skin in the season season, reveal the autumn skin care misunderstanding!]
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Autumn skin care hydrating moisturizing

After the autumn, with the climate change, the skin is also followed by changes, especially the dry autumn, the water loss speed is accelerated, and the skin is easy to be in water, do not pay attention to moisturizing skin care, the skin is easy to become bleak, this It reflects the necessity of autumn dressing mask!

The benefits of dressing the mask in the fall

Many people will feel the troubles of making masks, wasting time, take it once, the following small series gives everyone to organize the advantage of the mask, everyone will act quickly!


Autumn weather is dry, this time, the mask can help supplement the moisture needed in the skin, drink more water to the skin, relieve the skin caused by autumn dry, oil, chicken acne, long spot, wrinkles, rough, sensitive, etc. ~

2. Repair the skin

Summer tanning, aging damaged skin can be improved in autumn, save the skin of the summer, rescue a summer skin, repair a variety of tanning, sunburning, sunning up ~ Different autumn ultraviolet light is also very strong, dressing mask Continue to fix the sun repair.

3. Improve skin

The autumn molding mask is equal to a sebum membrane which is protected by a layer of skin, which can help inhibit moisture evaporation inside the skin, which can not only help restore the skin's surface of water, but also promote new metabolism in the skin, effectively improve skin.

4. Promote detoxification

The temperature in autumn is low, and the metabolism of skin is slow, while the mask can increase the surface temperature of the skin, and the pores are expanded while speeding up the oil dirt in the pores, thereby promoting skin detoxification.

5. Delay aging

The rich essence in the mask can supplement the nutrients and moisture required for the skin, which can effectively moist the skin, smooth wrinkles, and restore the skin.

6. Enhance skin resistance

Autumn dressing mask can help improve the resistance of the skin. Mask contains a lot of nutritional essence and moisture to supplement nutrients for skin, improve skin conditions, thereby helping to improve the resistance of the skin, so that the skin can better confront the external stimulation.

How long does it take to apply a mask in autumn and winter?

In the season of autumn and winter, the metabolism of the skin keratin layer is slower, and the skin locking function is significantly reduced. At this time, when the skin tightened, dim, ribs, chicken acne, drying, etc. At this time, the mask can effectively protect the face skin. Before the autumn, you can apply it every day. How long does it take for a mask in autumn?

The mask does not need to be applied every day, as long as it can be carried out in the optimal period of time, the film can be received. Apply a mask every day, especially some masks with deep cleansing and whitening, which will damage the soft skin, but do not effectively whitening effect. So everyone remembers keeping time interval!

Effective mask cheats

The film is not casual, master the cheats of the film mask, will not let you have no skin care, white!

First clean the skin before dressing the mask

Only the skin of the skin, the skin and aging keratin is completely removed, and the skin is true cleaning. The cell division of the base layer will become active, and the skin will absorb more nutrients. Therefore, before the film, you should remove makeup, wash your face, and you can first go to the horn. It is not too frequent in the past, so as not to harm the skin natural barrier, basically 2 times a month, sensitive skin is enough for one month.

Secondly, apply a layer of essence before the film.

After the appropriate essence is selected according to the personal needs and preferences, first painted on the face, such a function, when the film is applied, let the skin and the mask form a vacuum state, the mask can be more close to the skin, Avoiding maintenance products in the air, can effectively help the maintenance of the product accelerate absorption.

Finally, it can be torn off when the mask is half dry.

Generally, the mask is about 15 minutes, because we coated a layer of essence on your face, so about 15 ~ 20 minutes, it can be teared by the mask paper, do not wait until all, then tear the film paper, so As soon as possible, it will take the moisture on the face! As long as you apply a layer of essence before making a film, you can make the nourishing effect of the mask.

Non-woven mask

There are a wide variety of membranes in the market. Do you know non-woven mask? Non-woven mask is one of the most common mask types in the market, which is convenient for customers to care at home, and their prices.

Non-woven fabric is a nonwoven fabric, which directly uses high polymer slice, short fibers or filaments to form new fiber products with soft, breathable and planar structures through various web forming methods and consolidation techniques, which It is characterized by not producing fiberia, strong tough, durable, silky, and cotton feel.

The non-woven fabric is soft and has good moisturizing performance, so the mask does not tighten the skin because of the drying process. Non-woven moisturizing can make the skin in a whole used stage in a moisture, soft, relaxed state.

Overall, no matter what mask is increased to daily skin care, it is not possible to use the mask to replace the daily emulsion. General mask uses 1 2 times in a week. Everyone must choose the product that suits you according to your skin, don't follow the trend blind choices, it's best to suite your own!

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