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[Guide green consumption, accelerate textile dual carbon action]
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Currently, carbon neutralization, sustainable development has become a major topic of the global industry's broad consensus and international competition. China solemnly promises to achieve "Carbon Peak" in 2030, and strive to achieve "carbon neutrality" 2060.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, "carbon peaks, carbon neutrics" will also be new competitive advantages and important concerns in the textile and apparel industry. China Textile Industry Association has been constructed in technological innovation, manufacturing and innovation, and rules innovation to build new comparative advantages to achieve low-carbon development and capacity improvement "win-win".

01 accelerate textile dual carbon action

In recent years, China's textile industry has changed high energy consumption, high pollution industry, from traditional industries to the technology industry, green industry, and fashion industries to accelerate transformation, and stroke toward textile power. The green low-carbon transformation of the industry is related to the basic and foundation of industrial safety, which determines the heritage and post-strength of the industry development. In order to promote green development, the 2017 China Textile Industry Federation launched "Carbon Management Innovation 2020 Action", which is one of China's earliest to propose carbon and target. In 2019, China Textiles Signed the United Nations Fashion Industry Climate Charter as Parties, participated in the global governance of fashion industries; and upgraded "Carbon Management Innovation 2020 Action" to "Climate Innovation 2030 Action". A group of industrial leaders and millions of industrial clusters have announced joining the actions, with 50,000 people in industrial populations.

In May 2020, the China Textile Industry Association Social Responsibility Office officially launched the sustainable textile "Full Life Cycle Evaluation" project, United Lanjing Group, Ifli, Wuxi Cotton, Matsui Textile, Bin Kang Industry, Mercury Home Textile, White Horse Group, Yin Shi, pleasant home textile, Lanjing fiber - Ifye women's shirt and Lanjing fiber - Mercury home textile product evaluation work.

On December 22, 2020, "China's Textile and Apparel Industry Full Lifecycle Evaluation Working Group (CNTAC-LCA) was formally established, through establishing a full life cycle evaluation system and environmental footprint database, accelerating the end brand end to raw material The full chain can trace the green product environmental information disclosure system, and the retrospective and value excavation of green attributes produced to consumption full value chain products, continuously promote high-efficiency, cleaning, low carbonization, and recyclable development of the whole industry chain. Thus enhancing companies Coping the ability of the international market green barriers, supporting the green recognition of consumers, guiding green consumption. After development, there are currently 57 members of the CNTAC-LCA Working Group, including 46 enterprises, 11 academic institutions and organizations, covering fibers Materials, textile chemicals, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing and garment production of the whole industry chain and brand and consumption ends.

On June 1, 2021 launched the "China Fashion Brand Climate Innovation Carbonation and Acceleration Plan", accelerating the green low carbon transformation of industry in the industry to contribute industrial power.

Under the main melody of scientific and technological strength, the main melody of the strong country, China speed has been verified. At this time, only the situation is, for the green transition to win the new cycle, guide the industry enterprises to accelerate green transformation, for the sustainable development of China's textile and apparel industry Provide infrastructure platforms with consumption, enhance industrial global market competitiveness and international voice.

02 pay attention to carbon footprint

Practice low-carbon green lifestyle

Since its inception, China Textile and Apparel Industry Full Lifecycle Evaluation Working Group ("CNTAC-LCA Working Group") has been in the "Full Life Cycle" as the entry point for many companies to show green products full life cycle management, and recently achieved new Progress, published the "Ai Mu Children's Home Service Carbon Flat Evaluation" report. The report results show: three admire children's home service using zero-carbon Tim TM Modal fibers, and the carbon footprint value of the modal fiber production stage is reduced to 0. Among them, AK2416541 Transformers Comic Series Leather Care Terrier is 2.97 kgco2eq./ Parts; AK2426541 Transformers Carbon Trail of Diamond Comics is 2.37 kgcozeq./ Parts; AK1446551 Pony Baoli Dessert Beauty The carbon footprint value is 3.33 kgcozeq./. That is to say, three children's homes, all the circles, released 2.97 kg, 2.37 kg, 3.33 kg of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere before the consumers. And the three admire children's homes are used by standard TiansTM modal fibers: AK2416541 Transformers comics series of tanks long-sleeved pajamas carbon footprints are 3.39 kgco2eq./, AK2426541 Transformers, Mochi series, long sleeping pants The carbon footprint value is 2.75kgco2eq./ piece, AK1446551 Pony Baoli Dessert Beauty Territory The carbon foot value of the long-sleeved nightdrop is 3.86 kgco2eq./.

This time, the child's home service is the main body, and the source is traceable to the supply chain, which belongs to the "cradle to the gate", breaking through the difficulty of tracing the source of carbon footprint data in the domestic textile and apparel industry. The results of the assessment are calculated by the full life cycle evaluation application system (LCAPLUS system) of the textile and apparel industry. The China Textile Industry Association Social Responsibility Office is responsible for the coordination of the industry chain links, the cause of the influence of the epidemic, and the data research has adopted the way online research. Data sources include enterprise data (actual measurement, production statistics or experience data), third-party data (environmental monitoring data), map measurement, and LCAPLUS system. At present, there is currently a real estoratory assessment, in order to provide credible materials and product environment footprint data to industry and consumers, this report uses two types of real data and background data, and real data is collected, history. The actual production data obtained by modulating the modifier, mainly including energy consumption in the production process, the usage of the original accessories, the use of main packaging materials, the amount of waste generation, the raw material, the main packaging from the manufacturing site to the final delivery point Transportation distance, as well as the product from the production ground to the distribution point. The background data includes the production data, power discharge data, and the environmental impact caused by different transport types.

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