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[How big is the baby to get harm? The time is not hurting and sad!]
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Scientific quit, urinary is not wet!


Children's eating and drinking is always the worried problem of Bao Da. Many young parents tend to be in the Western education point. It is not wet to wear the child, not easily give your child, but for diaper It should be worn by the child to a few years old and have always been controversial. I have seen so many parenting videos, I have exchanged so many parenting. Do you know if your baby's diaper is in a few years?

When is the diaper?

Foreign: Baby widespan from diapers to three years old

Related to its cultural and public facilities, foreign diaper culture began early, the diaper models prepared for the babies are also quite complete, and all models wear from the age of 34. In addition, in foreign public toilets, there are babies to change the bath, bringing parents who travel to the baby to make great convenience.

Domestic: Baby generally wears around one year old

The elders pay more attention to the toilet training. Domestic baby wear diapers are generally around one year old. Because the elders in the family will be more worried, they have been using diapers, which will cause the baby to have no such thing as soon, so I will put the toilet training. I urge the baby to reduce the use of diapers.

In fact, it will make your baby a few years old to disable diapers, and there is no unified statement at home and abroad.

Is the diaper stop early?

"Relatives say that diaper wear too long will change O-legs!" "The neighbor child will have urine himself at the age of 1. My family will wear diapers in 1 year and a half, it will be better than others who are smart." This is anxious to eat hot Tofu.

Before the Taiwanese media reported, the baby will let the baby to ring the diapers, which may cause the child to be secretly hurt and kidney, urinary tract infections, etc .; may also cause psychological stress to the child, so that he does not dare to urinate. Why do you say that the diaper is harmful?

★ Psychological impact

Parents will give children toilet training in order to give children to toilet, and they will have their own temper. These moves will cause children, psychological and developmental multiple injuries.

★ Physiological impact

In general, the child is about 2 years old, and the bladder is slowly developed, and it has the ability to receive the body signal of "I want to go to the toilet". If you have not developed mature, how to train is useless. Some parents will also give the baby "put the urine", as long as the magic "嘘" sound, the child will urinate. Parents think this is that children learn to control urinal performance, in fact, not. The child only forms a conditional reflection for the "嘘" sound. If adults frequent urine, the child will form a reflective urination, the bladder is not fully developed, and the capacity will become small. After growing up, it is easy to urinate.

The child's sphincter has not developed mature, and it can't control the stool. Forced to ask your child to make your own stool, it is easy to cause the child to go anal.

In addition, premature urine, it is easy to hurt the child's hip development. The child's hip joint is not fully developed, so frequently, can you not be injured?

Good time + good way

Children's psychologist mentioned in "Young children's behavior training": If parents train their children themselves in the child, they will not take 2 and a half months; and they may also appear. Various accidents, such as urine pants, constipation, fall, and so on. If the parents wait for their children to be trained in toilet after 2 years of age, 3 weeks, children can learn to go to the toilet.

Although the US Children's Science Association suggested that within 18 ~ 24 months, it can be completed. But this is not a death regulation. Every child's development speed is not much. The age is just a reference, when can I take off the diapers, and I have to see the child's development! If you have to give a point in time, it is when your child is ready.

1, the timing of disabled diapers:

1 year and a half - 3 years old: This stage of muscle nerves have certain development, and began to control the deposit and putting of urine, and can understand adults. After one year and a half, I can try to drop the diaper during the day, train the child urine to the potty, but I still need to use diapers at night. As my child controls urine's ability to increase, gradually remove night diapers.

The disabled diapers are best in summer. Because in winter, it is easy to catch a cold after the baby is lie in the winter.

2, deactivate the criteria of diapers:

Each baby has a difference in the standard of diapers, which is related to the physical development of the baby, and the parents have a relationship with advance education. In general, the baby is mature enough, it is a good time for "ring" diapers. If you already sit in the toilet, you can express your physiological needs, you know that you want to take off your pants.

Don't train when your baby is sick or uncomfortable, don't train in your baby's "significant changes" (for example, moving, changing your baby, etc.).

3, such as toilet training methods:

1 Let your baby know "pit pots". Let the baby observe, touch and familiarize with the potty, encourage your baby to take a while in the potted pot every day, you can not take your pants, and you can put the feces on the diaper into the pot, refer to the baby, make your child gradually understand Potty concept and use.

2 The process of prompting and strengthening is also important. When the baby expressed his ability, his parents should immediately bring him to the pot pots. For the baby's good defecation behavior, parents should give timely encouragement. At the same time, the baby is often reminded and reinforced repeatedly.

3 can take the baby before going to bed, stop using diapers, sleep in sleep, and help him build a habit of controlling the defecation at night.

4 Pay attention to these details, if the baby can suddenly stop in size when playing, this means that he can detect his physiological needs; if the baby likes to imitate the act of adults, this means you can imitate your baby, let him Learn or more willing to defecate yourself.

Diaper is not wet

In terms of the part of the skin that use diaper, the healthy skin should be dry. Wet skin will soon become fragile, easy to have urine rash. In order to reduce the humidity caused by diaper, it should often be replaced and the diaper is used to use the absorption force.

Replacement time

For newborn babies, you seem to have not stopped urinary without drying. As the child grows, the number of urine is gradually decreasing, and the average is ten times per day at the beginning, gradually decreases to six times.

The steps correctly use the urinary wet are as follows:

1 After wearing, the diaper is a triangle, so the baby is more comfortable and the event is more. In addition, diaper is not wet in two or three hours, otherwise the baby's crotch will appear redness.

2, when replacing the diaper, the parents must use warm water to clean the baby's ass, and then replace it. If the baby has a red butt, you should pause with diapers during the day, you can use cotton diapers instead. At night, you can diarrhea for your baby, so you can reduce the number of red butt.

3, parents should also pay attention to when picking diapers, to choose according to the baby's months and weight, the baby below 5 months is recommended to use a soft coating diaper, which is more soft, can be effective Blind excretions, thereby avoiding hurting the baby's skin. 6-12 months of baby, parents should choose to have leak-proof design, because this stage of birth is relatively large, this can reduce leakage.

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