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[Recently held an online conference on the theme of "Future in the Era of Ups and Downs"]
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China News Service, Guangdong News, November 15 (Reporter Xu Qingqing) The 8th "Ten Ru Dialogue" recently held an online conference on the theme of "Future in the Era of Ups and Downs" to discuss the risks and opportunities brought by the new crown epidemic. On the long and rugged road to economic recovery, how can governments, enterprises and individuals contribute to the steady recovery of the economy and a greener and more environmentally friendly future?

In the "Carbon Neutrality-Barriers and Accelerators on the Road to Net Zero", Christine Lu, the chief development consultant of the Environmental Research Institute of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, stated that climate change as an existential crisis allows China and the United States to work together to promote the realization of carbon neutrality. with. She believes that each country can boldly encourage the creation of net-zero enterprises by formulating and adapting climate policies to different political systems.

Zhao Guohua, Chairman and CEO of Schneider Electric Group, said that the current global recognition of the urgency of achieving carbon neutrality, in order to achieve carbon neutrality on schedule, we need to do three times and three times faster than now, this "war" will Occurs in the next 10 years.

  In the Q&A session, the guests discussed how to provide people with options through competitive pricing to change their behaviors toward carbon neutrality, and how companies and governments must work together to support the development of climate-friendly solutions.

Tong Cheng, the new CEO of Esquel Group, the organizer of the "Ten-like Dialogue", said that as an overall solution provider for textiles and garments, Esquel Group has already been Significant progress has been made in reducing emissions. He said that Esquel Group will achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2035.

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