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[【 Rose color master 】 to explore the anti-aging non-woven fabric in different fields have what magic?]
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Non - woven anti - aging masterbatch

Functional classification of non-woven fabrics

PP nonwoven cloth is also called the PP nonwoven fabric or nonwoven fabric, is by the directional or random fiber based on the combination of different methods such as glue combination, is soft, light, air permeability and plane structure the fibrous structure of the new product, since it has non-toxic, rich colors, acid and alkali resistance, chemical corrosion, good wear resistance, good antimicrobial properties and the advantages of the mould not decay, Become non-woven fabric production in the total large variety.

According to the function of PP non-woven fabrics are classified, mainly hydrophilic type, antibacterial type, antistatic type, flame retardant type and anti-aging type, widely used in filtration, medical, health, health care, industry, agriculture, civil water conservancy engineering, construction, home decoration and life in all fields. Today we mainly learn about the application of anti-aging PP non-woven fabric knowledge!

The agricultural sector

The combination of non-woven fabric technology and agricultural technology produces agricultural non-woven fabric. Agricultural non-woven fabric is a new kind of material, usually by polyester or PP raw material processing, the amount of PP is more. PP non-woven fabric in the case of ultraviolet radiation for a long time is easy to aging powder, resulting in a greatly shortened life. The anti-aging PP non-woven fabric made by anti-aging modification has good permeability to air and water, and can be permeable to moisture, light and chemical agents; Loose structure, with certain storage function, can be used together with chemical fertilizers and insecticides; With good microclimate regulation function, heat insulation, heat preservation and UV protection, can improve the environment and growth conditions, but also play a protective role, so it is very suitable for agricultural non-woven fabric use.

This kind of non-woven fabric is widely used in the field of agricultural production at home and abroad as fruit bagging, agricultural mulching material, plant growth matrix material, greenhouse material and farmland soil and water protection material, and has achieved remarkable results. In addition, non-woven product processing process is short, low cost, so it is more suitable for agricultural production in the field of lower output value and less profit. Although its quality is light, but has good mechanical properties, its toughness and strength are high, usually can be repeated many times, which undoubtedly greatly reduces the use of non-woven fabric, plus its easy recycling characteristics make it more in line with the requirements of environmental protection.

The field of geoconstruction

In the 1950 s, before and after the European and American countries started to nonwovens used in geotechnical field, then gradually spread to all over the world and get rapid development, including PP non-woven fabric with not easy deformation, acid and alkali resistant, resistant to bug eat by moth, mildew resistance, high strength, convenient storage and transportation, as well as the low price and is widely used. In the field of earthwork construction, its main functions include strengthening, isolation, and the roles of filtration and drainage effect, can be widely used in roads, railways, airports, DAMS and other facilities, such as railway construction of harm, such as using the solution of the mud pumping of roadbed in embankment and build by laying bricks or stones laid between the class of geotextile can prevent soil erosion, prevent the bank collapse, It can also be used for earth and rock dam drainage, underground drainage, roadbed, retaining wall and soft soil foundation drainage and so on.

Green field

Lawn in the city green land cultivation, this kind of non-woven fabric with the environmental protection features, harmless to the environment and plant effective method changed the traditional lawn planting, protection, irrigation, heat preservation effect, can make yellow and dormant grass lush, and convenient for construction, transportation, maintenance and reduce the labor intensity, improve efficiency and highlight the lawn and beautiful effect. When it is used for earth ball wrapping and plastic film covering in the transplanting of trees and flowers and shrubs, it has the characteristics of wind protection, heat preservation and moisture, permeability and water permeability, easy construction and maintenance, beautiful and practical, and reusable. In addition, highway, railway on both sides of the slope afforestation, mountain rock spraying planting grass and other projects, bare site of the paving (to prevent dust) are needed to use.

Industry and other fields

Anti-aging PP non-woven fabrics can be used in automobiles because of their environmentally friendly characteristics. These materials are increasingly used in engine hood linings, car roofs, dashboards and other small sound and heat insulation interior parts. For example, in automobile interior parts, automobile manufacturers want to stop using foam materials that can not be recycled, and then use durable, environmentally friendly PP non-woven, and automobile outdoor dust cover and other products are very suitable for the use of anti-aging P non-woven.

In addition, this kind of non-woven fabric in sunshade hat, sunshade, outdoor billboards, tents, outdoor backpack, outdoor sportswear and other products and fields also have broad application prospects.

At present in the world, more developed countries in the economic consumption of agricultural non-woven cloth has reached the whole agricultural cover product dosage of 10% to 15%, but our country is still less than 1%. Especially, the application of anti-aging non-woven fabric for agriculture is still in the preliminary stage. In recent years, the development of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" is the focus of the two sessions, and the whole country has paid great attention to the development of agriculture. At the same time, in view of the promotion of "green agriculture" at home and abroad, prolonging the service life of agricultural PP non-woven fabric means the reduction of petrochemical products consumption, means more energy saving, so this is bound to provide a good opportunity for the development of anti-aging PP non-woven fabric. The application of anti-aging PP non-woven fabric in geoengineering greening, automobile interior, outdoor sporting goods and other fields is also expanding, so the amount of anti-aging PP non-woven fabric in China should be increased, and the development space is quite large.

Rize non - woven fabric anti - aging masterbatch

Reze non-woven anti-aging masterbatch using imported high efficiency, stable blocked amine light stabilizer, can effectively prevent ultraviolet light in the process called photodegradation of polypropylene and other polymer chemical bonds suffered damage, and provide long-term thermal stability for polyolefin, achieve a good polymerization anti aging purpose.

Rize non-woven fabric anti-aging master is mainly used in PP woven silk, PP fiber filament, PP staple fiber, PP non-woven fabric and other industries, non-woven fabric anti-aging master has a better anti-aging effect on polyethylene and other products. According to customer needs production: polypropylene spunbonded non-woven color master; Polypropylene melt-blown non-woven masterbatch; Polypropylene SMS non-woven masterbatch; Polypropylene filament color masterbatch; Polypropylene BCF master; Polypropylene staple fiber color master and other types of polypropylene color master.

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