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[Performance and quality requirements of polypropylene masterbatch!]
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Performance and quality requirements of polypropylene masterbatch:

(1) The pigment with dispersive masterbatch should have good dispersibility, and should be evenly dispersed in the masterbatch, and the dispersant used will not reduce the quality of polypropylene fiber. Otherwise, it can not produce good quality stock liquid colored fiber, and the operation is not stable. It is easy to break or produce abnormal fiber when drawing the fiber.

(2) Brightness polypropylene stock coloring has a variety of uses, among which it is used for bedspread base cloth and knitted fabric, requiring bright tone. Because organic pigments are bright and bright and easy to paint, organic pigments should be used for the above purposes.

(3) Light resistance under the action of light some pigments have a photosensitive effect, coloring fibers fade and brittle damage, and the light resistance of the pigment is basically related to its chemical structure, so in the production of color master to pay full attention to the light resistance of the pigment, light resistance of the pigment need to be used, can consider adding ultraviolet absorbent.

(4) The pigment used in the stability masterbatch should have excellent stability for the colored polypropylene fiber. Meaning pigmented fiber polymer after a long time of exposure to heat, light or high temperature, the pigment will not react with the fiber, forming new chemical groups to make the polymer performance low. Therefore, the color masterbatch should be selected as pure pigment as possible, without impurities such as iron, copper, lead and other salts, to ensure the excellent physical properties of colored polypropylene fiber.

(5) Water resistance, dry cleaning resistance, oil resistance, coloring polypropylene fiber products in use and inevitably after washing or solvent dry cleaning, to contact with the oil agent, especially for the carpet, so the use of polypropylene masterbatch colorant to have good water resistance, dry cleaning resistance, oil resistance.

Polypropylene masterbatch because of its color fastness is relatively high, mainly used in home textile fabrics, carpets, clothing, underwear, decorative cloth, polypropylene rope and other aspects.

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