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[Medical and health textiles are showing their skills in the field of health]
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Small "to hemostatic gauze, surgical protective masks," big "to artificial blood vessels, biological tissue patches... Medical and health textiles are showing their skills in the field of health.

Ma Pibo, a professor at the School of Textile Science and Engineering at Jiangnan University, said in an interview that medical textile research and development costs are high, technology research and development is difficult, and product quality and safety standards are strict. Through the cross-integration of textile and multi-disciplinary, continuous research and development, China's medical and health textiles have achieved product quality upgrading and performance improvement, and have been more and more widely used in surgical treatment.

From hemostatic dissolvable gauze to artificial blood vessels

The progress of textile science and technology has improved the functionality and safety of medical and health textiles, while reducing manufacturing costs, providing patients with better medical services, and providing more high-quality material support for medical and health. Ma Pibo said that biomedical textiles involve many disciplines such as material science, biology and chemistry, highlighting the improvement of China's research and development capabilities in the field of high-end medical textiles.

"Soluble hemostatic gauze can 'transform the visible into the invisible' and is one of the most popular materials among surgeons for medical dressings." According to Ma Pibo, under the aseptic conditions of surgery, when the patient has internal bleeding, as long as the appropriate amount of soluble hemostatic gauze is filled to the bleeding site, it can play a hemostatic effect. 3 months or even 7-10 days after the surgical suture, the hemostatic gauze will be completely degraded and absorbed in the body, and there is no need to take it out through a second operation. Soluble hemostatic gauze can not only reduce the pain of the patient's second operation, but also save medical resources and costs.

When the medical gauze made of modified polyvinyl alcohol and other materials is used in vitro, there is no need for additional incineration or landfill, and it can be boiled and dissolved, which greatly reduces the pollution of medical waste to the environment.

In the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, due to the increasing age of patients, autologous blood vessel transplantation is very limited in number and length, so it is urgent to develop artificial small-caliber blood vessel grafts that can maintain long-term patency.

Artificial blood vessels are medical textiles used for the replacement of diseased organs and parts in injured and injured patients or wound repair, which must meet the requirements of biocompatibility, anti-thrombotic, adjustable size, structural stability and mechanical properties to reduce the performance failure or rejection after implantation. Existing artificial blood vessels are difficult to replicate the natural blood vessel structure, and usually have defects such as high hardness, low strength, low compliance and poor suture, resulting in poor endothelialization effect and easy thrombosis. Professor Yang Hongjun's team of Wuhan Textile University innovated on the structure and preparation process and developed a new type of bionic polyurethane based artificial blood vessel.

The biomimetic new polyurethane based artificial blood vessel uses a special weaving technology: polyurethane winding layer provides elastic support, prevents bending dead corners, and promotes endothelialization of artificial blood vessel; The woven layer of artificial blood vessels enhances compliance and prevents blood leakage; After adding anticoagulant drugs, the anticoagulant ability can be improved, and the vascular patency rate can be increased to more than 80%.

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