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[Interview with Ruize | The epidemic is an order, and quality is the guarantee of life!]
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The epidemic is an order, quality is the guarantee of life

—An Interview with the General Manager of Ni Jun, Yancheng Ruize Masterbatch Company


Journal Editor: Hello, General Ni! This year's Spring Festival is very special and very busy, right? I heard that your company has resumed work a long time ago. Did you notice the current epidemic situation and the situation of supply of protective materials is severe?

Ni Jun (General Manager of Yancheng Ruize Masterbatch Co., Ltd.): Exactly. Just after the Spring Festival holiday, we received a lot of calls and information from spunmelt non-woven fabric enterprises, urgently needed masterbatch, and asked our company to supply urgently. Our company's service principle has always been customer first. Even if there are more difficulties, we must ensure the supply of color masterbatches and functional masterbatches. Besides, the current fight against the epidemic is a national mobilization. We must also actively participate in solving problems for the country. Therefore, on the second day of the new year, all employees are notified to go to work immediately. They do not talk about any conditions, and almost none of them are absent. Then, according to the requirements of the municipal and district governments, do a good job in the prevention and control of epidemics and management, ensure that all personnel do a good job of personal protection, and ensure that there is no oversight in production safety.

Journal editor: I heard that during the epidemic, your company made an urgent effort to solve the problem, and researched and developed an electret masterbatch suitable for mask raw materials meltblown nonwovens in the market, to ensure the production of epidemic materials in the textile and melting industry. Your company made Great efforts, can you talk about the technology and production development of electret masterbatches?

Ni Jun: First of all, I would like to thank the leaders of the association for their care and promotion. I also thank the industry experts, leaders, bosses and friends in the industry for their support and encouragement.

The electret masterbatch is a rigidly needed material for the meltblown nonwoven fabric. Like the electret equipment, it is an essential additive to ensure the filtration efficiency of the meltblown nonwoven fabric and to reduce the attenuation of the filtration efficiency.

Due to the fact that meltblown non-woven fabrics were used for air filtration in daily life in the past, the number of dust-proof and anti-fog products was limited, and the output was not large. Not many people knew the requirements of its filtration efficiency. The coming of this epidemic, masks and other medical and medical field protective products require a lot of meltblown non-woven fabrics. Meltblown non-woven fabrics have become a scarce product. Many SMS spunmelt production lines usually urgently change to meltblown non-woven fabrics for masks. . Many of these enterprises, because their main products were hygienic or medical materials in the past, have not produced special meltblown fabrics for masks. They have difficulty grasping the standards and requirements for meltblown non-woven fabrics for masks. Even where to buy the electret equipment, what the requirements for the electret equipment, what the role of the electret masterbatch, etc. are not clear.


Mr. Ni (pictured left) inspected and inspected the production of electret masterbatch himself, and strictly controlled the product quality!

Journal editor: According to the spunbond branch, there are many production lines of SMS blown meltblown recently. There should be nearly 100 production lines in the country, but even so, the supply of meltblown cloth for ordinary protective masks is still in short supply, and the meltblown for high-efficiency filtered medical masks. There is also a large demand gap for cloth.

Ni Jun: Our company has received so many customers' inquiries. I feel that there is a large demand for electret masterbatches and a great responsibility. In order to be responsible to customers, on the one hand, we help companies that change the production of meltblown non-woven fabrics to provide the necessary information and technical communication, so that customers understand the purpose and role of adding electret masterbatches; on the other hand, to overcome logistics, The accessory supplier did not have difficulties such as going to work, and immediately thought of ways to customize the electret experiment equipment and electrostatic test equipment to quantify the effect of the electret masterbatch. It must be convincing and reassuring to customers.

In the early days of the epidemic, some melt-blown non-woven companies that invested in the emergency launched, regardless of the quality and effect of your electret masterbatch, as long as there is stock to send it quickly, there is no stock to expedite production. We said to company employees that although the epidemic is an order, quality is the guarantee, and protecting the lives of medical workers and the people is of paramount importance. No matter how many orders, the premise is to ensure product quality.


Journal editor: After the outbreak, all the materials related to protective materials are very nervous. I heard that the electret materials you use are also particularly difficult to buy. How did you solve them?

Ni Jun: Electret materials are indeed difficult to buy, and it is impossible to ship even three times the price. We have tried many ways, some directly contacted the factories and warehouses in the free trade zone, and tried to ask the logistics leaders to help, and some of them went to Yancheng through Guangdong SF Express, which is 2,000 kilometers away.

Journal Editor: The electret materials are so tight. How do you ensure the quality of the raw materials you buy?

Ni Jun: Our company has a complete set of process and process quality management standards in the production and technology of meltblown color masterbatches and functional masterbatches. Generally, the raw and auxiliary materials must pass inspection before they can be stored in a human bank. However, because the company has just resumed work and the management is not in place for a while, some of the electret materials have indeed experienced quality problems, which has brought difficulties to our company's production and quality control. Some of the more demanding meltblown non-woven fabric companies also reflect their Sex has an impact.

Fortunately, the customer timely feedback this information, allowing our company to timely revise the process standards, improve the quality control system in a timely manner, and timely disclose the development, quality, and use precautions of our company's electret master batches, and timely disclose the electret master batch proportions. The influence of dispersion performance on the attenuation of the filtration efficiency of meltblown nonwovens.

According to the different needs of customers, our company has developed a total of four brands of electret masterbatch products in the short term.


Journal Editor: Can you disclose the static decay data of your company's different electret masterbatches?

Ni Jun: Yes. Our company's experimental data is tested by our company's self-made electret tester. The electret electric field voltage is 20KV, and the electret experiment time is 1min. The non-woven masterbatch ratio provided is 2%, but it does not represent absolute authority, because the dispersion of the masterbatch, the weight of the non-woven fabric, the fiber fineness, and the stability of the electret equipment will affect the data. .


Journal Editor: Is it convenient for you to disclose the approximate formula of your company's electret masterbatch?

Ni Jun: Yes. RCE01 and RCE011 use fluorine-based materials as electret materials, which is relatively difficult to disperse, especially for meltblown applications. We have repeatedly discussed with the company's industry-university-research professors. After thousands of experiments, this formula masterbatch has been successfully used and passed the 3000-mesh filtration performance test.

Journal editor: I don't understand the electret masterbatch. What is the difference between the fluorine-based electret masterbatch developed by your company and the electret masterbatch of other materials?

Ni Jun: Because the fluorine-based electret masterbatch material is a material that is widely recognized by well-known filter material companies at home and abroad. In addition to the small change in attenuation, it can also adapt to humid environments without affecting the filtration efficiency. If you make high-end protective masks, this masterbatch is recommended.

In order to meet the needs of different production lines of customers, we have optimized the conventional RCE41 electret masterbatch in the past, which not only solves the problem of high concentration, but also solves the problem of easy net blocking, which makes the production of meltblown nonwovens more stable Extremely homogeneous, the attenuation rate is significantly reduced.


Journal Editor: It seems that there is still deep knowledge in the electret masterbatch! In addition to fluorine-based electret masterbatches, can you talk about the characteristics of other electret masterbatches?


Ni Jun: Our company also developed RCE18 tourmaline electret masterbatches and RCE02 biomass electret masterbatches. Among them, tourmaline electret masterbatches produce meltblown non-woven fabrics. The initial static electricity is very large, but the attenuation is very fast, but some The customer needs, and I do n’t know how to carry out further processing. The advantage of RCE02 electret masterbatch is that it has particularly good spinnability. It is a food-grade material and is suitable for meltblown non-woven fabrics with FDA certification requirements and special allergic requirements.


Journal Editor: What other new product development plans does your company have in the near future?

Ni Jun: Recently our company has worked with Sinopec to develop polyester electret masterbatches, nylon electret masterbatches and two-component electret masterbatches. It has now reached the actual application and testing stage.

This new crown epidemic was a test for us and an exercise, which strengthened our company's emergency response capabilities. Due to the limitation of our company's development capabilities, we must learn and consult with professionals from all walks of life with an open mind, continuously improve the business level of R & D personnel, enhance the company's ability and means of developing new products, and continue to introduce products with excellent functions welcomed by the market. We will continue our efforts. Contribute to our company's meagre strength for the development of China's nonwovens industry.


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