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[The electret masterbatch in the mask actually has such a function...!]
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Market conditions change day by day, and only high-quality can stay on the ground for a long time. With the changes in market conditions, most of the meltblown fabrics now have no market at all. So how to produce 95 and 99 melt blown cloth is the most concerned thing for all melt blown cloth manufacturers.

For medical masks (a total of three-layer structure), as shown in the figure. Among them, the middle layer of the meltblown cloth is a polypropylene material with electret masterbatch and high-voltage piezoelectric treatment. This layer is the core part. Only after the electret treatment, the meltblown cloth has a lot of charges and the same charge is 0.3 Micron non-oily small particles have a strong adsorption effect, usually greater than 95%, and the filtration efficiency of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria aerosol has to be less than 95%, which is the origin of the concept of N95 masks that we usually call .

There are currently three types of electret masterbatches on the market, including nitrogen-containing chemical fatty acids, gas-silicon method, and tourmaline method.

It is non-toxic and tasteless, has good dispersion, and is long-lasting and effective. After adding our electret masterbatch, the meltblown cloth can effectively block droplets, dust, viruses, etc. below micrometers after corona discharge electret treatment, and the filtration efficiency is greater than 95%.

We must develop good personal hygiene habits and not allow the virus to take advantage of it. I believe that the final victory must belong to us!

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