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[Which dispersants are used when using color masterbatch]
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The function of the dispersant is to uniformly disperse the color masterbatch and no longer agglomerate. When choosing a dispersant, the dispersant should have good compatibility with the resin and have certain thermal stability; the melting point should be lower than that of the resin to facilitate melting , Make the dispersion complete; also have a good affinity with the pigment.

(1) Generally speaking, the dispersants used in the color masterbatch are roughly in the form of white oil, zinc stearate, polyethylene wax, stearic acid, paraffin wax, EBS, etc., but you must make clear your own color before choosing In the case of master batches, different types of dispersants require different dispersants.

(2) If it is used for filling, it is better to use titanate or aluminate; in terms of comprehensive effect comparison, a composite dispersant can be considered; if price and cost are considered, a certain proportion of paraffin wax can be added. Polyethylene cracking wax has better effect.

It should be said that in the process of using color masterbatch, there are still many forms of dispersant available for us to choose, so that we can choose a more suitable dispersant according to different use environments, so as to better achieve what we want Effect.

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