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[Why do we need to preheat the masterbatch by air?]
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Because the color masterbatch itself has very outstanding performance, it can be widely used in the field of actual product production. In the field of actual production of color masterbatch products, general manufacturers often preheat the air in advance. When the actual air heat reaches a certain requirement, the manufacturers will start product production. Why is this:

   Generally speaking, the use of air preheating in the production of masterbatch by manufacturers can reduce the fuel consumption of the reactor, reduce the amount of secondary quench water and exhaust gas, and increase the calorific value of the exhaust gas. When the air preheating temperature is increased by 100°C, the total energy consumption can be reduced by 1.95%. Therefore, increasing the air preheating temperature is an important measure for energy saving in the production of masterbatch.

   However, if the air preheating temperature is higher, the requirements on the structure, materials, production operation and control of the air preheater are also higher, and the cost is also higher. At present, 800℃-class air preheaters are being promoted abroad, 900℃-class air preheaters have begun to be put into industrial operation, and 1000℃-class air preheaters are in the design and manufacturing stage.

  In the production of products, the high temperature air preheater used is compared with the medium temperature air preheater, which can save fuel by 8.48% and increase output by 5.60%. In addition, the use of a quench boiler to replace all or part of the quench water before the air preheater can significantly reduce the amount of quench water and exhaust gas, thereby further reducing energy consumption and increasing production capacity.

In order to further save energy, various manufacturers are also actively improving the preheating technology of color masterbatches. The exhaust gas is passed through the water washing tower to remove most of the water vapor in the exhaust gas and increase the calorific value of the exhaust gas, so that the gas turbine with high thermal efficiency can be used to generate electricity. It can also remove sulfur and dust in the tail gas, and achieve the dual effects of energy saving and environmental protection.

To sum up: the manufacturer conducts air preheating during the production process of masterbatch, mainly to reduce energy consumption and save energy. This not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces the environmental impact during the production process to a certain extent. Pollution.

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