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[What are the precautions for using color masterbatch in spinning]
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Color masterbatch is a product made of a mixture of resin and pigment. Compared with ordinary pigments, it is healthier and has long-lasting adhesion, so it is often used in clothing spinning. However, improper operation when using color materials will result in obvious color difference on the spinning cloth, which will not only affect the appearance but also cause poor quality, so the following editor will focus on some precautions when using dyes in spinning , Let's take a look.

 1. When mixing with the original color slices, pay special attention to static electricity problems, and avoid separating the color masterbatch to make the color mixing uneven and attach it to the hopper wall.

  2. Pay attention to the moisture content of the pigment. If the moisture content is high, the color content of the same pigment may fluctuate. Generally, the moisture content of less than 0.3% will not affect the spinnability.

  3. The coloring attempt or dilution ratio should be determined according to the brilliance of the fiber. The dilution ratios of different concentrations of pigments are different. For high-concentration pigments, pay attention to the uniformity of fiber brilliance due to the large dilution ratio.

  4. When selecting pigments, be aware that they may react with other additives in the spinning solution. One is that the additives cannot maintain the physical and mechanical properties of the fiber; the other is that the coloring effect of the pigment is reduced.

  5. Pay attention to the diffusibility of masterbatch when spinning.

  Therefore, if you want to dye the color masterbatch evenly on the spinning cloth, you must operate it carefully and keep in mind the precautions to avoid making mistakes again. At the same time, the editor wants to remind everyone that when using color materials, the surrounding environment must be kept clean and tidy to avoid accidentally staining other clothing fabrics.

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