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[Invitation of the exhibition | Ruize meets you the 19th Shanghai International Nonwove Material Exhibition!]
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Sincerely invite you to come

Ninth Shanghai International Nonwove Material Exhibition

Exhibition time: July 22-24, 2021

Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall 1 & No. 2 Hall

Ruize booth: 1V03

01 sincere invitation

Dear ladies / gentlemen:

Hello! We sincerely invite you to participate in the 2021 Ninth Shanghai International Nonwove Material Exhibition held in Shanghai on July 22-24, 2021!

The exhibition is 35,000 square meters, which is expected to have more than 600 exhibitors worldwide to meet more than 30,000 travel audience from all countries and regions around the world. Ruize meets you at the 1v03 booth, witness our future development, so we sincerely invite you to attend this exhibition, sincerely thank you for your support and guidance!


02 Exhibition Introduction


Shanghai International Nonwove Materials Exhibition (Since) is hosted by China Technical Market Association (CTMA), Nonwoven Materials Professional Committee (CNTA) (National Nonwove Technology Association), Shanghai Shida Technology Co., Ltd. (CNTA CO.,) And Informa Markets undertakes a professional exhibition of nonwoven materials and technology.

As a platform for technical exchange and trade negotiation, Since is facing R & D, production, procurement and management, covering the entire nonwoven material industry chain, cover: nonwoven material, nonwoven material production equipment, auxiliary equipment, nonwoven materials Volume and subsequent processing products. Since 1986, it has been accompanied by China's nonwoven materials industry in more than 30 years, has become an industry event that Asia has importance and influence.

03 Ruize boutique

Ruize splicing bonding function masterbatch

Parent-hydrothermal pellets: RPSH-03

Dewei mother-in-law: JWH1500

Anti-aging Pasta:



Anti-static mens: RPDH-01

Soft pellets:








Flame-retardant parent-grain: rpzh-02

Halogen-free flame retardant parent-ranging: rpzh-06

Antibacterial Pasta: RKJ1507T

Organic antibacterial parenchula: rpjh-02

Anti-mite masterbatch: RMC1604T

Cooling masterbatch: rpjw-02

Mint cool: SPC6500

Spun Bonded Mother Plate: SICE01


Ruize meltblown series function masterbatch

Melt-elective masterbatch:

Electricular RCE41M

Oil station RCE02M

Water station RCE20

Melting antibacterial:

Silver ion antibacterial PJ2101M

Nano-copper powder antibacterial rkjcu01m

Nano-organic antibacterial PJAC2101M

Melting the bouting masterbatch:

Baoshen: RPFB-6647M

Dahong: RPFR-3168M

Black: RPFC-66M

Melting plasma Parent: PGF212M

Melting Anti-Static Pasta: JEH 02

Melting hydrophilica: RPSH-04M

Melting, water, the mother, PWR01M

Melting toughening parenta: PT204M

Welcome: 0515-88322183

04 traffic directory



Exit 4 of China Art Palace Station, Subway Line 8, exported to the north, go straight to the north, Zuo Zuo Zuo → Zhoujiadu Road left turn → Bo Cheng Road right turn

Or Exit 1 or 4 of Metro Line 7, export → go to the north along the South Road straight → Snow Iris Road left turn → Zhoujiadu Road right turn → Bo Cheng Road left turn to


Bus: 82, 83, 177, 314, 454, 576, 734, 786, 818, 974, 978, tunnel first line, thousands of weeks, Zhou Nan line, etc., to Pudong South Road South Road bus stop.


Taxi: Shanghai Taxi Dispatching Information Service Center: 96965 Volkswagen Taxi Call Tel: 96822 Johnson Taxi Call Tel: 62580000 Jinjiang Taxi Taxi Tel: 96961 Bus Taxi Call Tel: 96840 Haibo taxi called car Tel: 96933


Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)

1. Taxi - about 45 minutes, the price is about RMB 170 yuan. 2. Metro Line 2 / Magnetic is hosted to Longyang Road Station, transfer to Metro Line 7 to Yaohua Road Station.

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA):

1. Taxi - about 30 minutes, the price is about RMB 70.

2. Metro No. 10 to Old West Gate Station, transfer to Metro Bi Line to China Art Palace Station.

train station

Shanghai train station:

1. Taxi - about 20 minutes, the price is about RMB 40 yuan.

2. Metro Line 1 to People's Square Station, transfer to Metro Biz to China Art Palace Station.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station:

1. Taxi - about 45 minutes, the price is about RMB 80.

2. Metro Line 2 to People's Square Station, transfer to Metro Line 8 to the Chinese Art Palace Station.

3. Metro No. 10 to Old West Gate Station, transfer to Metro Biz to China Art Palace Station.


Meet Shanghai

On July 22-24, 2021, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall 1 & No. 2, Ruize will be in the world's charm and product strength, we will stay in the 1v03 booth!微信图片_20210719164746.jpg

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