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[Fuyang City held the city's textile and apparel industry chain promotion work conference]
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On July 19, Fuyang City held the city's textile and apparel industrial chain promotion work conference. Deputy Mayor Zhang Jun attended the meeting.

The meeting listened to the report of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau on the development of the Xiangyang City Textile and Apparel Industry, and the study discussed the "Fuyang City Textile and Apparel Industry Chain Construction Implementation Plan".

Zhang Juxi demand, to recognize the situation, firm confidence, and condense the industry development consensus. The textile industry is both a people's livelihood industry. It is a chairma industry. After decades of development, the backbone enterprises continue to grow, the industrial strength is continuously improved, and it has become an important part of the "a lead, six pillars" industry system, and the textile industry chain construction, The significance of the city's economic and social development is very important; to clarify the goals, refinement measures, and crack the development of industrial development.

Zhang Yongzhen emphasized that from the beginning of the beginning of August, all personnel of the industrial project must go deep into the first-line investigation, master the latest situation of the industry, including production capacity, technical level, feature protection, etc., understand the issues facing the development of enterprises and industrial development, listen to companies Voice, collecting suggestions. On the basis of the "Food City Textile and Apparel Industry Chain Construction Implementation Plan", the Municipal Provincial Bureau of Tessage, the implementation plan of the Swine Textile and Apparel Industry Chain, and combined with the actual situation of Fuyang City, do a good job in top-level planning, establish and feasible development goals, and formulate and release three Annual development plan, annual work plan, key work list.

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