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["Ruize Corporate Culture" emphasizes the construction of corporate culture to resist the aftereffects of the epidemic after the market!]
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Strengthen corporate management

During the epidemic, the non-woven market had a once-in-a-millennium good situation, but the laws of the market also did not depend on human will. That is, prosperity will inevitably decline.

How to fight the difficult market for a long time in the future, on the one hand, the company strengthens product research and development and guides the non-woven industry to expand into different fields.

On the other hand, it is to strengthen corporate management, focus on the construction of corporate culture, reduce product production costs, and adapt to the needs of different customers.

The importance of building a corporate culture

1. Corporate culture has a cohesive effect

Corporate culture can unite employees tightly and form a strong centripetal force, so that employees can work hard to achieve their goals.

2. A good corporate culture has a gravitational effect

An excellent corporate culture is not only attractive to employees, but also attractive to partners, such as customers, suppliers, consumers, and the general public.

3. Corporate culture plays a guiding role

Corporate culture is like an invisible baton, allowing employees to consciously act in accordance with corporate requirements.

4. Corporate culture has an stimulating effect

An excellent corporate culture invisibly motivates and inspires employees. A good working atmosphere will naturally allow employees to enjoy the joy of work.

5. Corporate culture has a competitive effect

A good corporate culture can drive the healthy development of the company. The active performance of employees can be mobilized, work more enthusiastically, and at the same time improve production efficiency. The competitiveness of a company is not only reflected in technology, but also in corporate culture.

Ruize corporate culture

Company Culture:

1. Let the loyal be taken care of

2. Let hard-working people benefit

3. Reuse the person in charge

4. Let the benefactor be rewarded

Company business philosophy:

Pursue the ultimate, strive for perfection

Company management philosophy:

Follow the process,

According to the system assessment,

Rewards and punishments based on performance,

Employ people according to ability.

Company quality concept:

Don't neglect every detail, don't let go of any excuses.

Company marketing concept:

Don't give up every opportunity, don't neglect every service;

Don't perfunctory every promise, don't prevaricate every responsibility.

Company safety concept:

There are approvals for entering and leaving the factory, and everyone knows the safety system.

Enforcement should not be loosened, and illegal activities should not be accommodated.

The meaning of corporate culture

one. Corporate culture can inspire employees' sense of mission.

No matter what enterprise it is, it has its responsibilities and missions. The sense of mission of a company is the goal and direction of all employees' work, and it is the source of motivation for the continuous development or advancement of the company.

two. Corporate culture can condense employees' sense of belonging.

The role of corporate culture is to allow a group of people from different places to pursue the same dream together through the refinement and dissemination of corporate values.

three. Corporate culture can give employees a sense of honor.

Everyone should make more contributions, make more achievements, and pursue a sense of honor in their own jobs and fields of work.

Four. Corporate culture can realize employees' sense of accomplishment.

The prosperity of a company is related to the survival of every company's employees. When the company is prosperous, employees will be proud of it and will be more active and enterprising.

about us

Yancheng Ruize Masterbatch Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. It is one of the earliest companies engaged in the research and production of chemical fiber masterbatch and non-woven masterbatch in China. It is a company integrating scientific research, development, production and sales. , A modern industrial enterprise with advanced equipment, strong technical strength and full of vitality, with 36 domestic and foreign advanced twin-screw extruders, 6 sets of independently developed wet grinding and coating production lines, with an annual output of 5,000 tons of color masterbatches and functional masterbatches , Non-woven masterbatch. Production capacity, the company's output value has increased year by year in recent years.

Since its establishment, we have always adhered to the corporate quality concept of "pursuing the ultimate and striving for perfection", and committed to the application of world-leading medical and sanitary nonwovens. Stable and reliable quality, advanced technology, well received by customers.

At present, the epidemic situation is still severe, and the company is facing a difficult situation and facing many challenges. Ruize will adjust its mentality, actively respond to the crisis, continue to stick to the post, and make greater contributions to the fight against the epidemic! Yancheng Ruize Masterbatch is worthy of your trust!

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