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[African Nigerian textile industry is huge]
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Nigeria is one of the ancient countries in Africa. Anambra State is located in the southeastern part of Anti, which is an important business center in the historical port city in Aunabra, and the Nigerian population. Two big cities and the third largest cities in Africa, nickname the "light", because there are a lot of businessmen from West African co-constructed areas, including Akra, Abie, Duara, Niamei and Coto Regions, the ONITSHA market is properly described as the trade engine of West Africa.

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa, which has had a booming textile industry. In the textile industry in 1985 to 1991, the industry's annual growth rate was 67%. In 1991, the staff engaged in the textile industry more than 350,000, accounting for 25% of the Nigerian manufacturing workers. At that time, there were about 180 textile mills in operation. However, due to problems such as power supply unstable, high financing costs and excessive production technology, the remaining textile mills have been closed in addition to 25 textile mills. In 2009, the Ni government has set up a 10 billion Nara's textile and apparel intervention fund, and it is paid to Nigeria's textile company with 6% interest rate, and force the textile industry.

From the perspective of labor advantages, power development prospects and raw material advantages, Nigeria's textile industry is still huge. ISMAILA ABDULLAHI said: "The progress we have this is that we now have our own pattern designer, able to draw design, then send them to China to make them to send Back to us. "According to statistics, Nigeria spends about $ 4 billion every year, and the Nigerian population is expected to exceed 200 million, and the domestic market demand is huge. According to Merchants who are often coming from Nigeria: "Now, it is relatively cheap, solid color, printed fabric, local people vision red, black as unlucky, wearing these two colors, there is also a similar IKE Home base, annual imports of curtains from China, Zhejiang Keqiao, etc. In addition, before going to Africa, it is necessary to go to vaccination in advance 10 days before the vaccination of vaccination, collect small Huang this: vaccination Or preventive measures international certification.

In Nigeria, in addition to Lagos has a lot of hot wholesale markets, Ibre City On East is also a huge wholesale city named in the country or even nearby African countries. Onitsha market is very important in Nigeria's economic business, there are many large wholesale markets, wholesalence scale far exceeds the level of Lagos. Whether there is a businessman in Lagos, a businessman in the country, and even a business in Africa will be purchased here. Wholesalers here are huge relative to the wholesaler of Lagos. Even a styled goods they will purchase 10,000 pieces, mostly the goods to buy the whole cabinet, then who will be used to give other wholesalers. But they will speak the purchase price very low, and the profits of wholesale will not be added too high, mainly based on running. The amount of goods here is very large. Many times a container just arrived, it is clean by the wholesalers "melon" in other places. The wholesalers here are large, efficient, and quickly famous. When foreign manufacturers developed the Nigerian market, OnitSha is often used as the primary attack mission, stabilizing the Onitsha market, equivalent to huge share of the Nigerian market. In Nigeria, Kano is the city that northern merchants usually go, who is the wholesalers who are Ibu, Haosa, they are also from onitsha.

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