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[[Ruize Science] Buying a mask should be careful! Your mask may wear it is not worn!]
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Non-woven mask

Do your personal protection, stop the epidemic together

There is repeated in the domestic epidemic, do a good job of normalized epidemic prevention and control, and the outgoing hair mask has become our daily habits, there are many classifications on the mask, such as air filter masks, gas and mouth masks. Our daily life is more commonly used in non-woven masks. What do you know about non-woven masks?

There are two kinds of non-woven masks, one is made of surface from cotton skim gauze or knitted fabric, and there are various nonwoven fabrics; the other is directly sutured by nonwoven fabrics, and its filtration is good, breathable A slightly poor, the latest varieties are surface and back to be non-woven materials, which are filtered in the middle, so that the nonwoven fabric mask is filtered more.

Type of structure of 01 mask

The non-woven mask is the most widely used in our daily work. The structure of a non-woven mask should be divided into two parts, one is the main body of the mask, we can simply understand it is a mask of a mask; the other is a filter material, including filtering cotton for dust and anti-drug use Chemical filter cartridge, etc. Therefore, for the choice of filter masks, some manufacturers' products provide you with the following convenience, that is, you can use the same mask body, when dustproof is required in the dust operation environment, with corresponding filtration Cotton, so you put a dust-proof cover; when you need to perform anti-virus in a toxic environment, replace the filter cotton, install the corresponding chemical filter cartridge, so that it has become a gas mask, or according to Your work needs to provide you with more combinations.

How does the 02 mask reach the dust?

The high and low of the dust-proof efficiency of the nonwoven mask is based on its resistance to fine dust, especially for a respiratory dust below 5 microns. Because this particle size dust can be directly entered into the puls, the impact has the greatest impact on human health. A general gauze mask, which is mechanical filtration, which is to pass through the barrier in the gauze, and the sealing of the layer is blocked in the gauze. However, for some small dust, especially dust, in particular less than 5 microns, will pass through the net of the gauze and enter the respiratory system. There are some dust masks, which are composed of fibers filled with permanent static electricity. Those breathable dusts less than 5 microns are attracted by electrostatic attraction during passing through such filter materials. Dust, truly dust removal effect.

03 Wearing mask considerations

The mask requires a small breathing resistance, light weight, wearing hygiene, and convenient maintenance. Such workers will be willing to wear and improve their work efficiency in the workplace. In foreign countries, the maintenance-free mask is existing, without cleaning or replacing the part, and discarding the dust-shaking saturation or the mask is damaged, so that the time and energy of the worker maintenance mask are guaranteed by the sanitation of the non-woven mask. Moreover, many masks use arched shapes that ensure that the shape of the face shape is good and the non-woven mask is kept at a non-woven mask, wearing comfort.

The outer layer of the non-woven mask tends to accumulate dust, bacteria such as dust, bacteria, etc. in the outside air, and the inner layer blocks the exhaled bacteria, saliva, so the two sides cannot be used alternate, otherwise the outer layer is contaminated with dirt. Insert the body when it is close to the face, and become a source of infection. When the mask is not worn, it should be superimposed in a clean envelope, and will be folded in the mouth of the mouth, avoiding casually into the pocket or hangs on the neck.

If the hot gas or saliva from the nonwoven mask is exhaled, the role of the bacteria is greatly reduced. Therefore, it is best to prepare a few masks in order to replace it.

04 purchase mask

Everyone who wants to go out, there is no wallet, but it is not a mask. The mask has become our daily necessities and consumables. There are also masks in the market, and there are many types of variety, dazzling, then we buy what should I be careful of? How can I avoid buy an invalid mask? Let's take a look!

1. Purchase masks to go to the formal store to buy in the store.

2, when purchasing, see if there is a medical device product registration number and production lot number, production date, product performance and structure, applicable scope, precautions, etc., these information are national regulatory requirements must be marked, if this information Not all, then the quality of the mask is difficult to guarantee.

First, the name "One-time medical mask" is "one-time medical mask", which is not less, this is a strict state of the national standard. If the name is "disposable mask", "ordinary medical mask", then You have to pay attention! This is definitely not the guidelines you can give you a health care device capsule.

In addition, a disposable medical mask is mainly composed of three-layer nonwoven fabric. The inner layer is a normal nonwoven fabric, mainly used to absorb the moisture and moisture released by the wearer; the outer layer is a non-woven fabric of waterproof treatment, mainly used to isolate the liquid ejected from the patient; the intermediate layer is the core filtration The layer is used, and the polypropylene meltblown nonwoven fabric is used as a barrier blocking. It can be seen that the outer layer of the medical mask that meets the requirements should be waterproof. This is one of the citizens to operate themselves to determine whether the medical mask is qualified.

Since we choose to go to wear a mask, the purpose is to do personal protection, barrier blocking bacteria, buy a mask that does not meet the standard, not only spending money, but also being invaded by viral, so learning to identify whether the mask is qualified!

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