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[Causes widely used by polypropylene]
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What is the polypropylene masterbatch?

The polypropylene mother is bright and stable, widely used in spunbond, meltblown, SMS and other non-woven fabrics, filaments, staple fibers, BCF, FDY, high strength wire, elastic wire and so on.

Psythritis can also be used for polypropylene filament, polypropylene staple fiber, polypropylene BCF carpet wire, and the like.

Psythritic color masterbatch uses high-quality pigment, after the pigment pre-dispersion technology, excellent dispersion performance, yellowing, light resistance 7-8, mobility level 5, dispersibility 4-5, polypropylene masterbatch according to customer Different requirements are prepared for color master.

Why is polyedia?

1) The polymetalloplatine is uniform, stable, and the colored force is high;

2) Polypropylene masterbatch has excellent filtration performance;

3) The polypropylene masterbatch has high heat resistance and light resistance.

The polypropylene masterbatch is suitable for coloring, micro-drying, short-woven, BCF carpet, and spunbonded nonwoven fabric.

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