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[Is the peak season? What is the market operation trend in the traditional peak season?]
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With the arrival of traditional textile peaks, the market has been abnormal in the near future!

Recently, the market was covered by CCTV Finance! According to the report: The General Administration of Customs issued data. From January to July this year, domestic textile and apparel has a steady export trend, and growth is achieved compared with the same period in 2019. Due to the obvious recovery of the external demand market, some of the orders of some clothing processing plants have even raised next year.

And on the other side, on September 3, the important raw raw raw materials in the textile industry ushered in a large rebound, and the double double is more than 3.5%.

The market has recently been abnormal. It has seen the hope that the textile people who expected the low fans have seen hope. Is it possible to travel next? What is the market operation trend in the traditional peak season?

From the perspective of your eyes, there is still differences in the market. The so-called golden nine silver ten, refers to the domestic textile market ushered in more favorable, textile product prices usually have strong performance, but whether this year will show greater questions.

In recent investigation companies, it is considered that Jin Jiuyin Ten Yin Ten Yin Touline is expected to account for 20%, and its main point is: First, it is considered that traditional textile season, domestic autumn and winter orders will reach a lot, and the overseas epidemic still has not been alleviated. Foreign orders still have a reflow trend. Second, cotton prices are relatively strong, considering raw material cost support, the yarn market is expected to run.

It is believed that the market market is expected to be 50%, and its main point of view: First, this year's cotton texture market is not light season, and the order is preceded. According to some textile enterprises, overseas "double festival" orders have been in advance of previous year 2- 3 months, the end finished product inventory needs to be digested, and it is expected that the "Golden Nine Silver Ten" market gradually returns to rationality. Second, the recent order of the yarn can last for about 1 month, the factory yarn inventory is low, and the short-term cotton market price is still supported. The third is the impact of macro policy, in order to prevent the prices of commoditys from rise, the national "preservation stability" macroeconomic means continued.

It is believed that the market market is expected to account for 30%, its main point of view: First, the social stock backlog, due to the pre-yarn middleman gets a lot of goods, the billet factory has not purchased a lot of procurement, the cotton broth industry chain is not smooth, consider fund interest Cost, the expected post-middle business has a large amount of demobilization. The second is that the port shipping logistics is tight, the export shipping costs continue to rise, and the end spinning profits are compressed, and the export pressure has increased.

Overall, Xiaobian believes that the current textile industry chain is still not smooth, and the terminal gray fabric costil is digestive. In the fundamental situation, the supply and demand of the fundamental situation is expected to expect the market "Golden Nine Silver Ten" peak season. The characteristics will not be too obvious. In the later stage, you need to continue to pay attention to the return of the end market demand and the domestic autumn and winter orders.

From the perspective of raw materials such as polyester filaments, the polyester plant has been promoted several times, and the downstream procurement has put the amount, which has driven the enthusiasm of textile enterprises in the short term. However, the lack of highlights of the terminal market order, and the demand is maintained and the atmosphere is light. And the raw material market has declined, causing new orders to get more cautious. It is expected that the polling of polyester filaments in the middle of September is large. However, as the internal sales order is reached before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the market or improvement is improved, and it will be better to wait for the "Golden Jiu" market.

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