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[What should I pay attention to when using polymetallome?]
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Psythritic masterbatch characteristics are: good filtration performance, bright colors, good weather resistance

The polypropylene master is particularly suitable for use in polypropylene filament, polypropylene, and polypropylene BCF.

Polyproproployment is a pure hydrocarbon, a tertiary carbon atom in the molecular chain, is heated, and the molecule of the tertiary carbon atom is easily cleaved, so that the quality of the polypropylene is deteriorated, so that the prepreg is in high temperature spinning Easy to spread, do not damage the fiber quality, not fading the fibers, excellent light, wear resistance, anti-solvent, withstand strict spinning drafting.

Primary use of polypropylene is mainly: due to high color fastness, it is mainly used for home textile fabric, carpet, clothing, underwear, decorative fabric, polypropylene rope, series of products.

Psythrical masterbatch is good, good physical properties, bright color, widely used in non-woven fabric, carpet, filament, short fiber, roughness and other products coloring. Customers provide customers with personalized services based on different colors, monofilament, wire, temperature, and light resistance requirements.

Psythritic masterbatch instructions

The different processing temperature requirements for the actual production equipment, and the amount of the color masterbatch should be controlled at 0.8% to 5% to ensure that the non-woven processing process is smooth.

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