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[[Color match] autumn wear secrets, let you say goodbye! This is wearing a high level of temperament!]
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Color matching

For colorful research, the Chinese and foreign pioneers have been paying attention to more than a thousand years ago, but since the 17th century scientist Newton truly gives a scientific revelation, colors become an independent discipline. Color is a comprehensive phenomenon involving light, object and visual.

Color Lenovo Classification

The Lenovo of Colors is affected by people's age, gender, character, culture, education, occupation, nation, religion, living environment, era background, life experience, etc. The Lenovo of Colors is divided into two kinds of associations and abstract associations.


Connected means that after seeing some colors, I will associate some specific related things in nature and life. If people see red, they will associate with blood, red flag, sunset, etc., see green, will Lenovo Go to the small grass, green space and other specific things.


Abstract Lenovo means that after seeing some colors, we will think of ingredients, noble, and other abstract concepts. People see white, they can think of purple, simple, elegant, etc. abstract things.

Color matching principle

Autumn wind bleak, autumn gives people feel that the depression is dull, people's wear is also dark, and it is inevitable that people feel somewhat boring. In fact, it is not a bright color in autumn. You can use a bright colors to break the silence of autumn. What color clothes are not done in the fall? To try these color matching skills, you can make you live.

Master color matching principles and techniques, and can be skilled in the daily wear, it is a very important thing. Next, give you a few more color matching principles and techniques, coloring is superimposed, and autumn and winter is no longer dead. Before learning color, we must first understand how color is classified.

Color cold and warm

The cold and warmth of the color is relatively, in general, we are called "warm color", such as red, orange, yellow, etc., which can be warm and warm, and it is "warm color". For "cold color", such as blue, green, purple, etc., giving people feel cool.

In addition to cold color and warm colors, we call "neutral color", also known as "colorless", which is called "colorless", which is black, white and is divided by black and white. Gray series. Black, white, ash is commonly used three major neaster colors. The effects of neutral colors play and intervals in color, which can match any color, play harmony, mitigation, and outstanding other colors.


It refers to the brightness of the color. In this regard, we can simply understand how much white, how many blacks have been added. The more white adds, the brighter color; the more black add, the closer color is.

Color purity

That is, the color saturation refers to the color of the color, the higher the purity, the color is more and more easily distinguished.

Wearing color matching skills

The color matching skills wearing, you can actually understand the comparative effect on the combination of cold and warmth, neutral colors and the degree of darkness and saturation.

Similar color matching skills

The same type of color is a more common color matching method, which can be cold tones + cold tones, warm tones + warm colors, can also be the same color, using color's bright and gradient, from shallow depth, create a rich level.

Contrast color matching skills

Usually, we will also call the contrast color as "hit color". Columns are often a combination of warm and tone, because the color is different, it brings people's visual feeling very impact, and it is very easy to appear "rollover scene", so it must pay special attention to the proportion of colors. Follow the "high-key and small contrast".

When the "hit color" mounting, it can use contrast colors to match, but the comparison color method is ahead of the eye to guard, but if you use it, you will have a lot of money, so it's also very Test a kind of work with skill. If you are trying to collide with a novice, it is better to use small-size colors. In the autumn and winter season, don't be too dull, you try some contrast combination, will make you more fluent.

Multi-use neutral color matching

Nelenty color Wan can be a hundred, when you are tangled in something that is used in your clothes, then the classic black and white is definitely an excellent match. Not only is black and white, the range of neutral colors also includes the following elegance, which can also provide more matching on color matching.

Universal white is definitely worthpassing, not only with any color, but also has a very perfect transition. When you feel that you look at a group of colors, you can use a white single product, the overall effect looks more natural and harmonious under the gray white box!

Popular eye color

I believe that everyone is very confused, some clothes look very common, some people are different after wearing, very advanced? The reason is to pay attention to the color of the color of the overall clothes. People who will wear know that the clothes control of the whole body should not exceed three colors, otherwise wear out of the complexity! How to wear it in the fall? Just learn these kinds of color, you can be advanced and fashionable!

Beige + camel

The camel can be said to be a color that is very common in the fall and loved a color. It gives people a warm and simple senior sense. Although the camel is not so transparent, the overall shows a stable feeling, at this time, when it is appropriate to join a little Lime-colored clothes allows the camel that doesn't look so dull, reducing the disadvantage of the camel's old elderly, such two coloring agents have a texture.

Green + pink

The combination of light pink and green can create a gentle and innocent temperament, perfectly integrated with beautiful and elegant and elegant, and visually make people look bright.

Blue + pink

To say that fashionable parents like color, then absolutely less blue + pink this pair of classic CPs. Sei Yaqing's new blue is combined with romantic sweet pink, and the age of age makes you look full of girls.

Bao blue + turbidity

Match points: turbidity is color to add gray or black to reduce the color of the brightness. It is generally visible in the washing jeans.

Bao Lan is a beautiful color, many women's wardrobes have one or two blue coats. But sometimes a big area is easy to see if there is no texture. Bao Lan with turbidity can reduce the cheap blue brought by high blue.

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