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[Sichuan Province's first textile workers labor skills competition ended in Lushan]
Release date:[2021/9/16] Read a total of[30]time

On September 15th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions that the first Sichuan Textile Workers Labor Skills Competition with the theme of "A New Journey for the 14th Five-Year Plan" ended in Lushan County. 35 outstanding players participated in the competition. After fierce competition, Sichuan Hengchuang Special Fiber Co., Ltd. won the first prize for Laxiajie.

"The purpose of holding this skill competition is to give full play to the main role of the Sichuan working class in the development of the textile industry, focus on improving the skills and quality of industrial workers, and enhance the ability of textile industry workers to "make a new journey for the 14th Five-Year Plan" and guide the general public. The employees have made great achievements in the key tasks of serving and integrating into the new development pattern, and the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing double-city economic circle." The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions introduced that this competition is the first textile skills competition in our province. Stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to learn knowledge and technology, promote the upsurge of enterprise post technical training activities, and forge a group of outstanding workers with the spirit of labor, model workers, craftsmanship, and dedication to their jobs.

   Threading, knotting, tangling... At the scene of the competition, the players calmly dealt with each other, you chased me, and did not give way to each other. The atmosphere was tense and warm, fully demonstrating the superb skills and pioneering and enterprising spirit.

   In the packaging process competition, the finished yarns are labelled, bagged, and boxed. Every second counts, and the competition is fierce.

   After fierce competition, this skill contest selected 1 first prize, 1 second prize, 3 third prizes, and 30 outstanding prizes. The winners were awarded awards and honorary certificates. The first prize winner, Sichuan Hengchuang Special Fiber Co., Ltd., can apply for the "May 1st Labor Medal of Sichuan Province" to the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions in accordance with the procedures.

   The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions said that this skills competition is a major event in the textile industry in the province, and it is also a centralized review of skill levels. The competition has built a broad platform for the textile workers in the province to broaden their horizons, display their talents, learn and learn from, and improve their skills, awakening the sense of ownership and the main force of the workers, and inspiring the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to establish themselves and start businesses. Sichuan textile enterprises contribute their wisdom and strength to better and faster development.

   This skills competition is sponsored by the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, undertaken by the Ya'an City Federation of Trade Unions, Lushan County Party Committee and County Government, and Chengdu Textile College provides technical guidance.

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