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[What is the impact of the spandex trend, which affects which effects on the billet market?]
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What is the impact of the spandex trend, which affects which effects on the billet market?

Since March this year, spandex crazy increased, affecting the price of the four-sided bullets in the downstream, and the number of goods in the gray cloth is also driven.

The price of spandex fell, and the cost will naturally, although the price of the gray cloth will fall, but due to the market has arrived in the traditional peak season of the year, the boss is quite a strong will, and the price of the four-sided bullet has fallen. Therefore, from the perspective, the four-sided profit space is slightly rising.

A person in charge of the weaving enterprise specializing in the production of four-sided bomb told Xiaobian: "Now the price of spandex has fallen, the price of the splash billet has fallen by 0.02 yuan / m-0.05 yuan / m, the surface looks is a good, but the shipments are Not very good. Spandex has already fallen trends, once collapsed, the four-sided bomb in your hand is afraid that it will lose money. So it will be given appropriate, the actual profit does not increase. "

Although the four-sided bomb has always been a hot fabric on the market, the actual sales are also going downhill, especially in September, still there is no sign of improvement. Four-sided bomb has a very important status in autumn and winter clothing. According to the practice, it is now hot selling hot sale, but it has not yet been rising.

"In June, the four-sided bullets are basically around 60-800 million meters, 200,000 meters per week, down to 150,000 meters per week, now up to 200,000 meters per week. There is no change, the market is really It is very general. "A textile boss in a Shengze area said.

Spandex prices fell four-sided display

Is the price of spandex weakness, and the extent of the hot sale of the four-sided bomb is also cooled? Of course, this year's four sides is so hot, on the one hand, it is naturally due to the over-rise rise in spandex and the supply tension, and even the lower reaches of many manufacturers to grab the goods, strive to produce. However, now the price of spandex has a callback, and the mentality of the manufacturers has changed, and the commercial transfer of spandex is mainly necessary to follow up, and the enthusiasm of stocks also decline. Paste mentality increases or mainly in a large number of four-sided bullets that have been eaten in the early stage. This leads to the poor market circulation, the gray cloth is slow.

Quotes in advance or have signs

This year, there is an abnormal market, which is the "low season is not light season" in June. In June, the market confidence improved, especially for the market in the second half of the year, the market was started in the autumn and winter fabric, resulting in the time that the time it was originally the off-season was improved. Especially four-sided bombs, under the boosting of spandex, four-sided bouquet is particularly prominent. This wave of goods contains many traders to pay goods, which is called advance overdraft. With the intensification of overseas epidemics in August, the market confidence has declined, and the new single is limited, which causes the stock order to not digest, and the new volume is reduced.

Perhaps, the quotes of the four sides are really overdue. A textile old mage revealed: "I am afraid that I will not fire in the second half of the year, the domestic demand is limited. In advance, I can be good in September, this year is normal, I have a good time in September, and pay in advance."

Of course, the textile old mage's statement is slightly pessimistic, but today's market is indeed a little in advance. After all, the four-sided bomb is more widely used in the clothing, so as long as the market is improved, the quantity of the four-sided bomb will improve.

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