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[Textile Hat Industry High Quality Development Forum held in Humen]
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On the afternoon of September 26, 2021 Dongguan Humen Textile Hat Industry High Quality Development Forum was held in Humen, Dongguan. This forum invites professional representatives, focusing on the "Digital Economic Activation Industry Upgrade New Space" "Great Data Age's Costume 'New Retail Model" and other heavy topics to discuss, explore the digital road of the Humen Textile Industry Cluster in the new development stage

At the same day, the Vice President of the China Textile Industry Association, the president of the China International Trade Promotion Committee Textile Industry Branch Experts in the relevant industry.

Experts from the national, provincial departments and experts in the relevant industry

It is understood that 2021 Dongguan Textile Hat Industry High Quality Development Forum is in the Humen Size Forum, mainly because Higumen is a name town of clothing and clothing, annual industrial output value of more than 4 million yuan, annual sales of more than 80 billion yuan, with large scale Industrial clusters, supporting a well-established industrial chain, mature and developed market system.

In recent years, Humen has focused on the transformation and upgrading of clothing and apparel industries, and jointly established "world-class textile and clothing industry clusters", cultivated fashion brands, building industrial collaborative innovation platforms, develop new model new formats, promoting clothing and apparel business E-commerce is closely combined, and the annual sales of e-commerce third-party platforms reached 51.8 billion yuan, and the annual express delivery business reached 41 billion votes.

In the Humen, a sub-discipline is the most focused on the promotion role of the domestic cost of apparel companies, and conducts depth exchanges in the "digital" development of the Humen textile and apparel industry.

Wu Qing, deputy secretary of the Humen Town Committee, and the towns, said that in the context of the accelerated development of digital economy, Humen clothing is seeking innovation and upgrading, promoting the development of the industry to high-level, high-end direction. Humen will build the core area of Dongguan clothing industry cluster, implement famous teachers, famous brands, famous enterprises, famous gardens, continue to hold a good Chinese (Humen) International Apparel Trade, Daxan District Fashion Week and other professional activities, and accelerate the promotion Construction of high-quality industrial platforms such as Bay Area International Fashion Valley, Daxan District Clothes Fashion Industrial Park, enhanced industry chain high-end links, force digital technology and fashion design integration development, leverage new retail models to open up market, promote digitalization, intelligence The transformation, actively explore the new path of high quality development and sustainable development of the textile and garment industry.

Xu Yingxin, Vice President of China Textile Industry Association, President of China International Trade Promotion Committee Textile Industry Branch

Xu Yingxin said in the forum that Humen Town is a leader in Guangdong Province in digital economic and traditional industrial interactions. The country's first clothing national-level e-commerce demonstration base settled in Humen, online sales, live band, cross-border e-commerce, etc. In terms of underlying under the line, the tiger handed over a bright transcript. As a forerunner and leading sheep in the digital economic development of the textile industry, Humen will make greater brilliance in the new development pattern.

In the forum, the guests also published opinions on the "clothing new retail and supply chain change", "New Retail and Supply Chain Reform", "Win in the Future - Cross-border", "" Winning in the Future - Cross-border Out ".

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