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[my country vigorously promotes the development and production of vaccines and various antibacterial antiviral materials]
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New crown virus broke out, brought heavy blow to the people of the world, as the world factory, China has played back to backbone in the global anti-vision, China's health and safety of human life, vigorously promotes Vaccine and various antibacterial antiviral materials have been developed and produced to fight the world's anti-epidemic.

At present, antibacterial textiles are substantially two-natural fibers and artificial fibers and antibacterial treatment methods, which are generally two-censorship treatment and nano-slices, from the preparation process, and the auxiliary treatment is to help The source and adhesion process are core, and the nanoparticles are integrated into the preparation process and joining ratio of nanoparticles, and the method is core; whether it is a core material of antibacterial effect, there are two ways of natural refining and artificial synthesis, natural refinement antibacterial help The general effect is difficult to ensure that the artificial synthesis is mainly in the form of metal elements such as silver, copper, zinc, titanium and its various compounds, partially heavy metals, each with respect to each other, showing different product performance, evaluating antibacterial products Good and bad, basically according to persistence, broad spectrum, safety, antibacterial factor, more than a few aspects of materials of materials, and the main judgment of the application, the above two mainstream materials and antibacterial treatment methods due to Basically, the physical binding, the antibacterial material is attached to the fiber, the attachment site, the adhesion density, and uniformity, etc., so it is bound to have a defect in different judges, in addition, nature Most of the textiles for fibers can be treated, and the development of antibacterial materials in the past few decades more reflected in the refining of the aid, handling process and sliced into the various nanomaterials used in the various nanomaterials used, recently with technology Development and research and development have some new materials,

At present, the third antibacterial material has emerged, and Shanghai Lanbang Industrial Fiber Company has successfully developed a high-performance natural fiber with special chemical reaction with cotton-based substrates. Since it is the antibacterial factor and cotton fiber-specific molecular chain Combined with a common bond, orientive modified molecular structure, which is a new product that appears in the antibacterial textile industry. From the preparation principle, there is a certain breakthrough in the problem of antimicrobial factors, persistence and safety, and the experimental results have super-antibacterial Function, the fungal antibacterial rate can reach 99.95%.

At present, Europe, America, Japan, etc. are sent to the country and regions, and some of the types of clothing (such as socks) The proportion of antibacterial function is close to 80%. With the development of the epidemic, the people 's attachment and demand Increased, antibacterial textile will continue to deeply go deep into our daily lives, anti-faded products, reliability, safety, and efficiency are waiting to establish and improve new functional standards and applicable standards, with concept as driven, catch market demand trends Enterprise survival space will be compressed, and the company has a broad development prospect with technology strength and launching reliable products.

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