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Polypropylene Masteropoplasmic Master Sphere Use Polypropylene Master Measuring Requirement of Polypropylene Master Measuring Quality Requirements
[Learn about the performance requirements and quality requirements of polypropylene masterbatch!]
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Primary use of polypropylene masterbatch: Due to high color fastness, it is mainly used for home textile fabric, carpet, clothing, underwear, decorative fabric, polypropylene rope, series of products.

Performance requirements and quality requirements for polypropylene masterbatch

  1. Polypropylene masterbatch performance requirements

Polyproproployment is a pure hydrocarbon, a tertiary carbon atom in the molecular chain, is heated, and the molecule of the tertiary carbon atom is easily cleaved after receiving, so that the quality of the polypropylene is in high temperature spinning. Easy to spread, do not damage the fiber quality, not fading the fibers, excellent light resistance, wear resistance, anti-solvent, withstand strict spinning drafting.

     (1) The pigment selected by the heat-resistant masterbatch is the most basic requirement to obtain the temperature during the production of polypropylene fibers, maintaining its performance stability. Temperature temperature is generally required to be 270 ~ 280 ° C or higher.

    (2) The pigment of dispersible color master should be excellent in dispersibility, and uniform is dispersed in the color masterbatch, and the dispersant used does not reduce the quality of the polypropylene fiber. Otherwise, it is not possible to produce a good quality of the original liquid coloring fiber, and the operation is not stable, and it is easy to break or produce abnormal fibers during drafting fibers.

    (3) The brightness of the preliminary polypropylene stock has a variety of uses, wherein the bed cover base fabric and knitted fabric require bright hue. Since the organic pigments are relatively bright and easy to color, there is an organic pigment that is used for the above use.

    (4) Nice light resistance has a photosensitive effect under the action of light, making coloring fibers fade and brittle, and the light resistance of the pigment is substantially related to its chemical structure, so it is necessary to fully pay attention to the light resistance of the pigment when making color dill When the light-resistant pigment needs to be used, it can be considered to add an ultraviolet absorber.

    (5) The pigments used in stabilizing color pellets have excellent stability to the polypropylene fibers. That is, the coloring fiber polymer does not react with the fiber when the color is touched with heat, and the pigment does not react with the fiber when the light is subjected to high temperature, and the new chemical group is formed to make the polymer. So the color masterbatch should be used as pure pigment, free of iron, copper, lead and other impurities to ensure excellent physical properties of the polypropylene fibers.

    (6) Water resistance, daring resistance, oil resistance, the amorphous fibrous article is used and difficult to clean or cleaned by water washing or solvent, and when it is used in the carpet, the coloring agent is used. Have good water-resistant, daring resistance, oil resistance.

       2. Quality requirements of polypropylene masterbatch

The quality indicator of the color master is much more. As the size of the appearance is generally 2 ㎜ × (3 ~ 4) ㎜, the pigment particle diameter ≤ 1 Um is 90%, the melting point, the DF value, MI value, and heat-resistant weather resistance characteristics. These indicators are the problem of symptomatic and polypropylene fiber plant.

    (1) Filtering performance fibrous masterbatch is used to characterize the massage of the massed masterbatch, and the value of the DF value is small, and the filter assembly replacement cycle is relatively long during the spinning process, and the DF value of the polymer masterbatch is generally required. Less than 2.0 × 105 Pa · ㎝2 / g.

    (2) Melting point polypropylene parental dispersing agent uses low molecular weight polyethylene wax, and its melting point is between 110 and 120 ° C; and the pigment generally melting is high, exceeding the polypropylene spinning temperature, the homogenous masterbatch is thermal analysis spectrum There are two two heat absorbing peaks. However, the melting point of color master can not characterize the quality of color masterbatch. Some enterprise standards specify the melting point of 130 to 160 ° C.

    (3) Melt Flow Index (MI Value) The MI of the polypropylene slice is primarily used to characterize the size of its molecular weight, determine the processing and finished performance after the sections of the fiber. The color master particles contain pigments, dispersants and carriers low molecules. Polyethylene wax, so the molecular weight of itself cannot be used as a high and low, and will vary depending on the pigment and varieties. The mi-master particles are not the control indicators of the color masterbatch, and can only be referred to when spinning. The MI selecting the spinning color masterbatch is slightly larger than the true color slice, which is beneficial to mix the particle size of both. The MI value (15 ~ 30) g / 30min is generally required.

    (4) Heat-resistant masterbatch heat resistance indicator refers to the degree of spinning of the color mother particles and polypropylene slices at different temperatures in different temperatures, and observes the degree of change in the color of 5 to 10 minutes. The change in color can be evaluated with a gray sample card or a color sample with a color sample. When the total color difference is ≤3, this temperature is the heat-resistant temperature of this color master, which generally requires heat resistant 270 ~ 300. ° C, the color change is 4.

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