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[In winter, the mask is too cold to heat up! Master the hot compress tricks to achieve the effect of the mask!]
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The "careful machine" of applying a mask

Recently, the temperature dropped sharply, the air was dry, and the skin looked rougher than usual. At this time, replenishing water is a more important thing. Applying a facial mask is our daily hydrating method. What should we pay attention to when applying a facial mask in winter?

NO.1 "Whether the winter mask is hot or cold?"

In winter, the blood circulation of the skin slows down, the coldness of the facial mask will shrink the pores, and the absorption of the skin will be weakened. The hot compress can mobilize the activity of skin cells, open the pores, and accelerate the absorption of the skin to achieve the effect of the mask.

Therefore, it is necessary to soak the mask in hot water in winter. One is to avoid the cold, so as not to be uncomfortable. The second is to increase the temperature of the mask, which is more conducive to opening the skin pores and allowing the skin to better absorb the nutrition of the mask. Essence.

What high water temperature is suitable for a facial mask in winter?

When soaking the mask in winter, pay attention to the water temperature not to exceed 50 degrees Celsius. When the water temperature is too high, when the mask is stimulated by high temperature, in order to avoid affecting the ingredients, it is better to control the temperature at 45-50 degrees Celsius. In this way, the temperature of the mask after soaking is equivalent to the body temperature, which is relatively safe.

How long does it take to soak the mask in warm water in winter? It takes about 5 minutes to soak the mask in hot water in winter. 5 minutes can increase the temperature of the mask and prevent the soaking process time from affecting the composition of the mask and the effect of applying the mask.

NO.2 "How to apply mask correctly in winter?"

When winter comes, applying the same mask may not be as effective as other seasons. 15 minutes have passed, the lotion on the sticker mask has not been absorbed or the applied mask has not dried completely. Because the blood circulation of the skin will slow down in winter, the cold of the mask will shrink the pores, and the absorption of the skin will be weakened. Therefore, if you want to apply a mask at night in winter, it is recommended to wash your face with warm water first. This can mobilize the activity of skin cells and open the pores, so that when the mask is applied, the absorption of the skin can be accelerated, and the effect of the mask can be achieved.

However, it’s not enough to wash your face with warm water before applying the mask. Your mask is still so cold. What should you do? At this time, you need to warm it up. A general moisturizing mask is more appropriate to soak in water temperature of 38℃ for 5 minutes. If the temperature is too high or the heating time is too long, it will destroy the composition of the mask.

After applying the mask, the pores are still open at this time. At this time, it is recommended to rinse them with cold water to shrink the pores. It can be seen that there is also particular attention to applying a mask in winter, not only to master the temperature of the mask, but also to match a good method to make the skin soft and smooth in winter! Have you all learned? You must master the correct way to apply a mask in winter. !

NO.3 "Why does the mask feel tingling?"

Finally, I made up my mind to take good care of skin care and tried to put on the mask to make my face watery. However, when the mask was put on my face, I felt that the whole world was not good and it was tingling!

What is the cause of the tingling sensation after applying the mask?

1. Extremely dehydrated skin

The first thing that should be considered when the skin feels tingling when applying the mask is the dehydration of the skin, and it is still very dehydrated! At this time, the facial skin is dry and tight, and even peeling. Especially sensitive skin is even worse. Therefore, be sure to apply a layer of toner before applying the mask.

2. Sensitivity caused by temperature difference

Whether you put the mask in the refrigerator in summer or soak it in warm water in winter, there is only one purpose, which is to increase the comfort of the skin so that the skin can better absorb the nutrition of the mask, but everything has a degree.

3. Facial skin discomfort

Blowing your nose when you have a cold causes redness and peeling of the nose, burning and peeling around the mouth, and small wounds after squeezing acne. These are all facial skin discomforts. In fact, it is not suitable for facial masks in this state.

NO.4 How to "break" the tingling problem

1. Daily moisturizing

The skin care steps on weekdays cannot be omitted. It is not feasible to apply facial cream without applying facial cream, or just apply facial cream to omit the rest of the steps.

2. Replenish water immediately after bathing and cleansing

After cleansing and bathing, especially after bathing, the skin loses moisture rapidly. You must rehydrate as soon as possible after bathing! If you can't do skin care right away, spray a layer of moisturizing spray.

3. Reuse toner!

A lot of people have a misunderstanding of thinking that toners have no technical content. In fact, their role is greatly reduced! The toner in the first step of skin care can accelerate the absorption of subsequent products, replenish moisture to the skin, and softly condition the skin to avoid irritation.

4. Choose a mask that suits you

Many people fall into a misunderstanding that the focus of oily skin care is only oil control. In fact, in addition to choosing refreshing, non-greasy cleansing products, balancing oil secretion, moisturizing and moisturizing is also the top priority! Prevent internal oil from drying out. You know, the skin is due to lack of water, will produce oil to balance the skin surface oil and water, so oil is also a signal of severe water shortage!

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