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[In-depth investigation and investigation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan of Shaanxi-Textiles]
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On the morning of November 18, Chen Yongsheng, deputy director of the Consumer Products Department of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of WIT, Yan Jiamin, Vice President and Secretary General of the Shaanxi Provincial Textile Industry Association, Yan Jiamin, the Dean of the Textile Academy of Xi'an University of Engineering, Sun Runjun and Shaanxi Textile "14th Five-Year Plan" Group experts and other words, entering the Nang China Northwest Textile and Apparel Industry City, in the Northwest Textile and Apparel City Project, in-depth investigation and investigation. Tang Minli, deputy director of the Ankang Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the deputy director of the Ankang Wuli Industrial Park.

With the national western development and the eastern industry to the western gradient transfer, combined with the national "all the way" Hongwei blueprint, the Northwest Textile Industry Group as the leader of the coastal textile and apparel industry to the western upgrade transfer, according to the "industrial agglomeration, two or three linkage, The overall idea of the three-band three, the production city interaction and the "Complete Upper and Downstream Industry Chain Complete, the Acquisition Industry Complete Complete". Shaanxi Ankang City focuses on creating spinning, fabric production, clothing manufacturing, plush toys, umbrellas, luggage, shoes and hats manufacturing; textile and apparel trading market, marketing planning, research and development talent cultivation, logistics warehousing, exhibition wholesale and other related industry integration development The pattern will be made to form a textile and garment industry chain gathering area.

According to Luo Shouzhong, Chairman of the Northwest Textile Industry Group 52; 17 companies that have been put into production in transitional plant; simultaneously driven 9 community plants, and put into production is 1.162 billion yuan; exported to transvestive foreign trade payment of US $ 25.2 million.

Luo Shouzhong said that when the project planning and construction, Luo Shouzhong said that the first phase will build 321,000 square meters of standardized plant in apparel industry and 6.91 million square meters of employee dormitory. As of now, the total investment has reached 750 million yuan. First, the first phase of the project is transferred and the three links are completed. The part of the country-owned construction land is completed. With an area of 100,000 square meters, 6 of which have been completed inside and outside, and the underground garage has been completed. It is expected that the factory can be put into use next year, and the living area and supporting facilities are also promoted according to the plan.

He talked about the total planning of the project, the project area of the Northwest Textile and Apparel Industry City is about 3,374.5 mu, with a total investment of approximately 1.536 billion yuan. To the end of "14th Five-Year Plan", the ultimate goal will introduce 292 coastal textile and clothing, industrial chain, labor-intensive enterprises, create 60,000 jobs, industrial annual output value of over 10 billion yuan, international export, domestic marketing, e-commerce and other trading The amount is exceeded, and the annual creating tax exceeds 1 billion yuan.

During the period of Ankang City, the person in charge and experts of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of WIT, Shaanxi Provincial Textile Industry Association and Xi'an University of Engineering have also visited Ankang Xinle Ocean Textile Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Tiancheng Silk Industry Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Ankang Baoye Silk Co., Ltd. and Ankang Silk Silk Seeds, and the development of the company's development of the silk industry in the "14th Five-Year Plan" is explored and exchanged.

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