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[The influence of "Otcock", the international oil price panic]
Release date:[2021/12/2] Read a total of[30]time

Last Friday, affected by the new poison "Otith", the international oil price panic, WTI crude oil maximum decline once reached 14%, while Brent crude fell more than 12%. At the same time, the polyester jointly reduced production, its strength reached 20% -25%, and the price of polyester filaments has been toneed last Thursday, and the production and sales of the same day.

Over time, the polyester factory load gradually recovered, but the market boom has passed, the lower reaches of polyester stocks, the polyester wire is low, until November 25, the filament profit has declined significantly, inventory is high. Polyester vendors are finally could not help but began to reduce production, and due to the premiere of obtaining good benefits, polyester manufacturers faced downturn, high inventory, lack of cost, demand, etc., predict the implementation of this reduction in production will be greater.

In the short term, under the catalysis of the reduction, "buy up without buying fell" will be stimulated again. The downstream will be concentrated, and the inventory of polyester vendors will fall, and due to the continuous fall of the upstream price, itself The reduction in production will also make the profit of the polyester vendor get a repair.

From a medium long term, this polyester inventory reduction may be just a stock, "Double Eleven", "Double Twelve" Shopping Festival Orders have come to an end, thereby watching the demand in the market has gradually sound, and this should appear The foreign trade in the end of the year has not been able to appear for a long time. Now there is a new poison "Okock", and the abroad is closed, and the shipping route has been closed, and the foreign trade market is not optimistic. The downstream market will directly affect the mentality of polyester vendors, and this maintenance is imperative.

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