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[Shaoxing Electric Power issued a 'red envelope', the more electricity used in textile printing and dyeing enterprises, the more rewards]
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"In 2020, we received about 600,000 yuan of electricity bills. More than 2 million last year, 2 million, the government wanted to help us produce and grow steadily every year. To the electricity fee 'red envelope'. "A few days ago, Wei Mingliang, director of the Office of Shaoxing Huamao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., learned from the Keqiao Power Supply Branch that the district government will once again issue" enterprise electricity consumption coupons "for industrial enterprises. Full of confidence.

Ke Qiaolu is known as the "capital of international textiles", but after the epidemic comes, the production and sales of enterprises are more or less affected. As early as 2020, Keqiao District was the first "consumer coupon" in the province. For regulations for tax sales of more than 10%month -on -month, industrial enterprises were given. The form of "consumer vouchers" is directly recharged to enterprise power accounts. In that year, 925 industrial enterprises obtained a total of 24.76 million yuan in electricity dividends. Last year, the policy of electricity and benefit enterprises continued to issue it, and a total of 320 industrial enterprises were issued to 320 industrial enterprises to subsidize 33.02 million yuan.

Nowadays, the impact of the epidemic on production and life is still continuing. Not long ago, Keqiao District released 49 aspects of 49 aspects of a solid and stable economic package policy measures. Among them, in terms of the "stable supply chain of the industry chain", "corporate electricity consumption consumption consumption consumption consumption The voucher appeared again. This time, the company's sales and production terminal vitality will continue to be the basis for subsidies. The sales of industrial enterprises with a month -on -month increase of more than 10%will be given by 30%of the month -on -month growth rate. "In other words, the more electricity uses the electricity, the more rewards, which is also a" fire "for the company's development." The relevant person in charge of Keqiao Power Supply Branch introduced.

Economic development, power first. The issuance of electricity consumption vouchers is to use this key "hard indicator" to stimulate the company's high -quality development momentum and boost the vitality of the industrial economic vitality. "In the past few years, with the support of government policies, our company has shown a steady development trend. In the first half of this year, the electricity consumption has increased from the same period of the previous two years. Our cost reduction and burden have boosted our confidence in development. "Wei Mingliang said with a sense of gain.

The "precise drip irrigation" of the policy has made more Keqiao enterprises drumming up, enhancing the confidence, and actively mentioning production, expanding the market, and expanding the scale.

As the "pioneer" of serving the development of the economy, the Keqiao Power Supply Branch actively based on its own responsibilities, continuously tracking corporate tax electricity data, and providing customized power service measures for "one enterprise and one policy", such as continuously declined with sales data and electricity data. Enterprises, arrange professional forces into the production workshop and work site to carry out electrical guidance to help lock the optimal power mode and reduce the cost of electricity. At the same time, the branch bureau also comprehensively helps textile printing and dyeing enterprises to explore the transformation path of green development, carry out a "energy physical examination" for it, and propose the energy efficiency improvement plan for the optimization of production process process and equipment optimization. Green development "new vitality". "Next, we will effectively work hard and make reality in helping the enterprise, continue to optimize the business environment, actively accelerate policy redemption, help enterprises rejuvenate, and contribute to creating modern 'international textiles and Hangzhou -Shao Xingcheng' '. More power forces. "The relevant person in charge of Keqiao Power Supply Branch introduced.

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