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[Learn about the color matching process of polypropylene masterbatch!]
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Introduction to the application of polypropylene masterbatch

Polypropylene fiber spinning special color maternal grains can be used for pallopylionic filament, neutral fiber fiber, pallon BCF carpet silk, and so on. Pleropaline-colored maternal particles adopt high-quality domestic or imported pigments. After pre-diversified technical treatment of pigment, the dispersal performance is excellent, the resistance becomes yellow, the light resistance is 7-8, the migration resistance is 5, and the decentralization is 4-5. Mother -made mothers can be carried out according to customer different requirements.

Polypropylene masterbatchs color matching process

1. Receive customer color needs. ① Customers provide standard color samples, which can be formed, standard color, or PANTONE color number. ② Explain the type of color resin, the type and model of the application equipment, the finished product is outdoor or indoor supplies. ③ Please indicate other special requirements, such as ROHS, Reach, EN71 and other certification requirements.

2. According to the customer's colors and requesting color schemes. Generally, the samples will be sent to customers within 2-3 working days, and they will be negotiated separately.

3. After the customer confirms the color and performance, arrange large goods production according to the number of customer orders.

Polypropylene masterbatchs have good quality stability, specializes in scattered, and quality are guaranteed; palloprine -colored female grains can be used directly with mixed resin, non -polluting containers, and easy to change color; providing monochrome and full concentration pre -scattered pigments, allocated allocation It is easy to color. It is made from high -quality organic pigments and inorganic pigments and auxiliary agents. Pleropaline -colored maternal grains are characterized by good filtering performance, bright colors, good spanning resistance, and no migration. It is especially suitable for pallon spinning non -woven fabrics, pallopylnes, and pallon short wires, and Pthilwalm BCF silk.

It can be produced according to the needs of customers: Pleropaline spinning non -woven color female grains; pallon feldling spray non -woven color female grains; pallon SMS non -woven color female grains; pallopylioned silk color mother granules; pilon BCF color mother granules; pallon color; Mother grains and other types of propelion are used in color.

Yancheng Ruize Mother Greene Co., Ltd. is mainly produced and operated: antibacterial mother grains, parental and mother grains, flame retardant mother grains, anti -aging mother grains, antistatic mother grains, propelion long silk -colored female grains, polyester short silk color female grains , Polyester long silk color mother granules, palloprine short fibrous fiber -colored mother particles, Patechle BCF color mother grains, pallon SMS non -woven color female grains, pallo foam spray non -woven color female grains, narrical spinning non -woven color female grains, Polypropylene fiber -colored mother grains, chemical fiber -colored maternal particles, fiber -colored mother grains, polypropylene masterbatchs, non -woven female grains, nylon -color mother grains, polyester -colored mother grains, non -woven fabric functional mothers.

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