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[Do you know the ratio and method of nylon masterbatch?]
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Use ratio and method of polyamide masterbatch:

It is recommended that the color masterbatch be dried at 120℃ for more than 8 hours, and then spun by using a master syringe or mixing evenly with slices.

Application profile of polyamide masterbatch:

Color involves black, whitening and various colors, can be prepared according to different requirements.

Polyamide masterbatch series mainly includes: suitable for different spinning process requirements, such as POY, FDY and other filament spinning equipment and process requirements; Also used in PA high strength industrial wire; Staple fiber equipment produces staple fiber or filament bundle flocking in various colors.

Polyamide masterbatch can reduce the cost of use and increase the value of use by choosing reasonable formulation process.

The specific application products OF NYLON MASTERbatch include outdoor fast quality fiber, Flocking, high-grade interior carpet products and colored industrial network cable, and also used in military packaging belt.

Yancheng Ruize Master Batch Co., LTD mainly produces and manages: Antibacterial masterbatch, jellyfish grain, flame retardant masterbatch, anti-aging masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, masterbatch and polypropylene filament masterbatch polyester staple silk, polyester filament masterbatch and polypropylene staple fiber masterbatch, pp BCF masterbatch and polypropylene SMS non-woven masterbatch and polypropylene melt-blown non-woven masterbatch, pp spun-bonded non-woven masterbatch and polypropylene fiber masterbatch, chemical fiber masterbatch. Fiber color master, polypropylene color master, non-woven color master, nylon color master, polyester color master, non-woven fabric function master.

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