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[China Chemical Fiber Association Spandex branch annual meeting held in Ningxia]
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The 2022 Annual meeting of Spandex Branch of China National Chemical Fiber Industry Association was held in Ningxia Ningdong Energy and Chemical Base enterprise headquarters on August 30.

Representatives from spandex enterprises in China introduced the development situation and future development plan of the company in 2022, and discussed the current overall market situation, industrial technology, product development, intelligent manufacturing, development direction and other contents of the spandex industry. In the face of this year's market situation, the participants generally expressed that the industry and enterprises should step up product research and development, carry out product differentiation development, actively expand the downstream application market, and realize the high-quality development of spandex industry.

China chemical fiber Industry Association chairman Chen Xinwei said that spandex industry development to grasp five points. First, we should eliminate backward production capacity, and at the same time, the pace of new production capacity should adapt to market demand. Second, we should increase brand publicity and product differentiation development, expand downstream application areas, so that large, medium and small enterprises can find their own way of development. Third, we need to pursue green development. Spandex enterprises should carry out the work against the related standards of "double carbon", and advocate the enterprises to declare green plant. Fourth, to do a good job in product technical services, leading downstream users into new application areas. Fifth, enterprises should maintain confidence, deal with market fluctuations in a rational way, make product and technological innovations, and find new growth points.

The meeting also introduced the group standard T/CNTAC 95-2022 Green Design product Evaluation Technical Specification Spandex by China Chemical Fiber Association.

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