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[[Color matching] What is the essence of the combination with color? "Just right" can form beauty!]
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Color matching "Just right"!

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Customers need 90 seconds to form a product, and 90%of them are affected by color. Color is an indispensable means among the many designers' many tools, covering color psychology. It is the core element of user emotions and influence on cognition in the design. Color is also a relatively easy to memory element.

01 Common color design analysis

The color light in nature is transmitted to the eyes of the human eyes through the reflection of different objects. Different wavelengths express different color information. The process of colored light acting on the human eye is accompanied by color perception and emotional embodiment.

Contelki divides the two dimensions of the direct psychological induction of color from the scope of research and the indirect psychological induction of color. The former is an intuitive effect of objectivity, and it is the inherent emotion of color; the latter is an emotional experience shown by the colored association preferences for the medium. The influencing factors of the two often exist at the same time, and their relationship is difficult to distinguish.

Usually the physical properties of color (hue, lightness, saturation) sensor develop into a certain psychological experience, which is called direct psychological induction. The simple psychological induction that the color attributes bring to people are caused by the inherent attributes of color. This direct emotional correspondence relationship is the accumulation of the accumulated survival experience in the entire evolution of humans.


The red light waves are long, which is easier to attract people's attention, excitement, excitement, and tension. At the same time, it gives vision a sense of urgency and expansion, called forward color. The red also leaves the impression of gorgeous, fragrant, youth, vitality, full, mature, and nutritious, and is widely used in food packaging.

At the same time, red is a symbol of joy and festiveness. Due to its attention and beauty, it occupies the first place in logo, flag, propaganda, etc.

Red also symbolizes danger, so most of the signs of warning (red and green lights, static parking) and buttons (fire buttons) use red.


The wavelength of orange is between red and yellow. In a tangible field, it has the luminousness of the sun. In all colors, orange is a warm color.

Orange represents warm, joyful, brilliant, healthy, sunny, young, gorgeous, is a vibrant color. Orange also belongs to the color that can cause appetite, giving people a slightly sour taste.

Orange is not as aggressive as red, and the active atmosphere it has settled is not dangerous, but it is a kind of friendship. The soft orange is reminiscent of the earth and autumn. Because it is related to seasonal changes, orange is generally used to perform changes and movement.


The yellow wavelength is moderate, which is particularly bright in all colors. Therefore, it is given a bright, brilliant, splendid, pleasant, friendly, and soft impression, and at the same time, it is easy to cause the taste of beautiful conditions to reflect, giving people a sweetness and crispness. Yellow is also related to danger, but it is not as strong as red, so in many interfaces, yellow is a warning color as a red -bottomed warning color.


The wavelength of the green light is just in the middle, the human vision is relatively calm to the green light, and the eyes are more adaptable to the irritation of the green light. Green shows health, life, youth, tranquility, natural, peaceful, safe, and comfortable. Green inherits the calm attributes of blue, but it also absorbs some yellow vitality. Green also represents the significance of passing. Green gives people unlimited security, and many environmentally friendly and complete design will also use green to express the emotions of life.


The blue light wavelength is shorter than the green light, and it has a lighter position on the retina. Therefore, when the red orange is forward, the blue is the back color. Red is warm and blue is cold.

Blue makes people feel lofty, profound, pure, transparent, and wisdom. It was found in the color psychology test that few people were disgusted with blue. Pure blue is usually reminiscent of the ocean and the sky, which can smooth the wounds and help people's minds to be calm.


The purple light wavelength is short, the eyes are weakly distinguished by the slight changes in purple light, and it is easy to feel fatigue. The purple is noble, romantic, elegant, sexy, lucky, dreamy, and fashionable. It is a mysterious color. It is a color that children and creative people like them very much. The brightness of purple is relatively low in all color colors. Combination with different colors will show different styles.

02 color matching "just right"

A single color is just a optical value, like a single text, it is not beautiful and ugly. Although people have different hobbies and preferences for colors, they also have the common principles of color beauty. The designers consider the aesthetics commonly shared by these people.

In terms of the purpose of color matching, there are usually three forms: purely pursuing beauty color schemes; paying attention to the color of practical functions; both beauty requirements and functional color schemes. The beauty of color is a general feeling on the basis of color relationships. The key to beauty and ugliness is what color to choose? How to place together? The "just right" of the relationship forms beauty.

If the color matching, pleasant, and pleasing can be called a beautiful color matching. When color matching, it is often the harmony of color. It is the result of coordination, proportion, and rhythm of color relationships. The color matching principles mentioned here are actually the basic principles of universal artistic works.

Color balance

In terms of styling art, balance refers to a sense of balance and stability of the shape, color, and quality of the styling elements.

The balance in color refers to the color of the color, area, position, etc. in the work to reach a sense of balance in contrast. This is a more complicated and flexible process of processing. It is not that it can be solved by simple numbers or theories alone. This is a balance that can echo and rhythm.

Simple color

Simple color is not simple, nor monotonous. The simplicity of the color is simple and clear. Try to reflect the color effect with less color numbers and relatively simple color matching relationships, that is, use inductive, combined and enhanced means to deal with.

Color emphasis

The emphasis on color emphasizes the main part in the color matching, making the theme obvious, forming a brigade and a clear relationship with the relationship. In the color matching, the comparison of color, darkness, size, hard, hard, cold, and turbidity in color relationships should be used in a proper proportion relationship. It is compared with local, theme and background, focusing on the background, and attract people's attention and interest. Such as: Dark colors are emphasized in Mingjianzi, emphasized with cold colors in warm tunes, and emphasized in gray tunes.

03 color matching and operation

We live in a colorful world, rarely use a color alone, and most of them will be used in several colors. To combine with color well, it is necessary to subjectively operate the comprehensive factors of the three elements of brightness, hue, and purity, and handle the relationship between the internal relationship, the relationship between the color and the other elements of the picture, and the relationship between the color and the transmission information.

Determination of the tone

We have learned the comparison of color triple attributes earlier, and we have also talked about the harmony of color. The contrast and reconciliation are to better operate color. In order to achieve an effective and reasonable match for color, we must first consider a set of colors and a total color tendency of color, that is, the tone of color.

The tone is mainly the overall impression of color, lightness, and purity, including the light, darkness, weakness, lightness, and severity of colors. The determination of the tone can create a color matching color, which is the basis of color matching. The dominant position of different colors can form different tones, such as deep tone, shallow tone, fresh tone, gray tone cold tone, warm, red tone, blown tone, etc.

Position operation

After the tone is determined, the interaction of various colors in the location of the picture space is what we must consider. We must echo each other in an orderly and rhythmic manner. Essence

The location of the screen color is pursuing a balance relationship. How to make two or more colors in the picture form a dynamic balance and have a beautiful feeling? The balance of color, the size of the area, the distance of the position, and the correlation of color and color are all factors we consider.

Highlight of theme

A picture must have a center of gravity (theme), and the rest exist to set off the clear theme. To deal with this main relationship, the color matching is very important. When emphasizing the color purity of the part is relatively high, the remaining areas can choose low purity or low brightness, and vice versa.

It can also be used to achieve emphasis on duplicate and gradient methods. Single colors can be matched with the same color or approximation of color change and saturation, which is used for soft theme presentation. The contrasting color will present a strong, opposed, conflict, and dramatic picture effect, which is suitable for creating and emphasizing a certain element to highlight the focus. The colorful color can be assisted with colorless, white, and gray. Such a multi -color match is suitable for lively, cartoon, and lively themes.

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