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[Aksu Textile Industry City: Continue to improve and strengthen the textile industry chain]
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Ten years ago, Aksu Textile Industrial City (Development zone) was a vast desert. Ten years later, aksu city textile industry (development zone) has developed into a municipality textile clothing guiding exemplary role to the whole industry chain of vanguard, "leader", has been awarded the national textile industry transfer demonstration park, the national top ten industrial park, the national textile industry advanced collective and new industrial industrialization demonstration base "autonomous region" title.

Since the eighteenth congress, especially for the second time the central work in xinjiang since the symposium, the central gives a series of preferential policies to support the development of textile and clothing industry in xinjiang, aksu city of textile industry (development zone) and, for those routes, closely around the autonomous region party committee put forward the "one million development of textile and apparel industries to promote employment" strategy, Focus on "building chain, strong chain, complement chain, chain", focus on the advantages of strength, seize the key links, vigorously attract industrial giants to Aksu investment and development, to promote the high-quality development of Aksu textile industry.

With the completion and production of a number of cotton textile enterprises, such as Huafu Textile, Medifa Textile, Xinzizao Textile, Youngor Textile, and Xinjue Textile, in 2014, 22 textile and apparel enterprises settled in Aksu, spinning 800,000 spindles and weaving 10 million meters of fabric, and generating employment for more than 8,000 people. Under the release of a series of special preferential policies, such as social security subsidy, freight subsidy, preferential electricity price, pre-job training and new employment subsidy, value-added tax return, loan discount interest, implemented by the state and the autonomous region, the textile city really ushered in great development and entered a fast lane. In 2019, it has formed a scale of spinning 3 million spindles, 3,000 looms, 40 million pieces (sets) of clothing home textiles, and dyeing 20,000 tons of bulk fiber and 10,000 tons of boxed yarn. The whole industrial chain of textile and apparel industry has taken shape in the region.

We have a foothold in xinjiang cotton resource advantage, play the leading role of key enterprises, from the source to promote quality improvement, focus on extending chain chain strong chain, to the textile and garment industry bigger and stronger, better use of regional resources and the cotton industry plays an important part in the national economy overall situation, solid industrial foundation, enhance the level of development and heading for grade billions of textile and apparel industrial clusters.

Ten years of glorious development, Aksu Textile Industry City (development zone) has settled 83 textile and garment enterprises, the whole industry has driven 21,000 employment, in 2021 to achieve a total industrial output value of 14.18 billion yuan, an increase of 5.5 times compared with 2012; The industrial added value was 2.49 billion yuan, an increase of 4.4 times compared with 2012. It has formed the development pattern of the whole industrial chain of spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, home textiles, clothing and knitting products.

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