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[Apply facial mask want to double the effect, these steps can not be less!]
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How does winter compress mask effect double

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Winter is dry and skin becomes dry easily. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a mask to hydrate, but it does not mean that it can be applied casually on the face. These steps can not be less, so winter mask should be used in this way.

01 Types of facial mask

There are many kinds of facial masks, from brands to effects, which make people cross the eye. But in winter, you still need to hydrate. Other effects, such as acne, whitening, antioxidant and so on, can be applied once a week, but the hydrating mask must be used, even every day.

Therefore, if you want to have good skin, in addition to natural beauty, you also need to actively maintain the day after tomorrow.

Just said, the winter weather is dry, facial mask should be the first choice of hydration. On this basis, you can choose some other facial masks according to your skin. Try a variety of brands. What works for others may not work for you. So, don't rely too much on advertisements and introductions from friends.

When applying a mask for the first time, don't apply it directly to your face. Be sure to get an allergy test. Apply some serum to your hands and leave for half an hour to see if you are allergic. Make sure you are not allergic to the mask before you can safely use it on your face.

02 The steps of applying the mask

Although the mask is a quick way to moisturize the skin, it does not mean that it can be applied on the face. After your allergy test, remember these steps too!

01 Remove Makeup

It is very common to wash your face every day. However, washing your face is also exquisite. Especially before going to bed, washing is not clean, directly determines whether your pores will be blocked, follow-up maintenance products can be fully absorbed. Therefore, wash your face thoroughly.

If you wear makeup, you can't just use cleanser when you wash your face at night. Be sure to use makeup remover first, rub on the face for a while, fully dissolve the makeup, rinse off and then wash with a cleanser.

Some people say that I don't wear a lot of makeup, just a little bit of isolation, BB cream or foundation, equivalent to naked makeup, also need to bother? It's fair to say that as long as you don't go out with nothing but water and lotion, you should take care to remove your makeup. Because isolation, BB, foundation and other products, already belong to the category of makeup, and more waterproof function.

Only thoroughly remove makeup, can talk about the follow-up maintenance. After all, makeup products contain many chemical components, which remain on the skin for a long time, and the damage to the skin is very serious.

02 Hot Compress

The best time to care for your skin is after a nightly shower, when pores open and blood circulation increases. If you can't take a shower every day, you can apply a hot towel to your face for a while to widen your pores. At this point, your face has been washed and your hot towel should be clean.

Towel due to a long time in the bathroom, in the dark and humid environment, if not often wash, hot, sun, there will be a lot of bacteria. With such a towel to warm compress, it is easy for bacteria to take advantage of the pores open "drill" into your skin, so that skin bacteria aggregation, causing inflammation, very easy to grow acne.

Now is the winter, directly apply the mask, it will inevitably feel too cold, uncomfortable. In addition, it was very difficult to open the pores, the cold mask directly applied on the pores will immediately shrink. So, if it is a surface film, must put it in hot water for a while, make it warm again.

03 Essence

Pores open, the mask is hot, this can be applied? Not yet! Before you do this, pat on a toner and let your skin "drink" the water, much like a sponge. It's too dry for the sponge below the surface to absorb nutrients.

So, let the sponge drink some water first. And then apply the serum. This is important. Although the mask also has essence, but with the usual use of essence is still different.

The essence is small, instantly absorbed into the skin, and has a very high concentration of nutrients. The purpose of applying the essence before the mask is to open the "appetite" of the skin and double the efficacy of the mask.

04 Applying Facial Mask

Finally can apply the mask, the nose around is very easy to tilt up, stick to pay attention to, make it as much as possible to take.

The general face film can not be used for more than 20 minutes. Because the time is too long, when the surface film dries, it will reverse to absorb the moisture on the skin. This will not be hydrating effect, even the more you fill the more dry. Therefore, when applying the mask, we must watch the time, about 15 minutes can be.

If there is any essence left in the bag, apply it to your neck so as not to waste it. Without neck maintenance, it is easy to appear neck lines, and will "sell" your age.

05 Follow-up Products

After the mask is removed, it is necessary to massage, so that the essence floating on the skin surface can be absorbed by the skin as far as possible. If you massage and pat, there will still be some essence on the skin, which can be washed away to prevent clogged pores.

But this is not the end, according to the normal procedure, continue to apply lotion, in order to "lock" the maintenance results just now.

In this way, all the application of the mask is over. Just go to bed and be nice. Xiaobian reminds you, often stay up late is easy to age, how many maintenance products can not fill back oh. Therefore, beauty sleep is a must to sleep, the next day will have a good look.

03 Tips for applying facial mask

Method 1: The climate is too dry, always feel that the mask is not hydrated enough, it doesn't matter, you can apply the mask for 10 minutes, apply a layer of cream on the surface of the mask, and then apply the cream on the face for 5 minutes. The sealing effect of the mask can make the cream more permeable, and the cream can also lock the moisture just absorbed by the skin!

Method two: The winter weather is very cold, the application of ice cold mask is also need courage. When cleaning the face, throw it into the water temperature of 37 degrees. The temperature should not be too high, otherwise it is easy to destroy the active ingredients in the mask. The warm mask will open the pores and make it easier to absorb. At the same time, it feels warm and comfortable.

Method three: Choose the same series of moisturizing toner and lotion does not contain alcohol. Pour the toner on the cotton pad, and then pour the lotion on the cotton pad, and apply it to the whole face or its dry position for 5 minutes. The soft texture of the emulsion will be easier to absorb than the mask, but also better than the only use of toner mask moisturizing effect!

These few tips everyone hurry to collect it!

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