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[Thirteen textile enterprises are working hard to catch up with orders]
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Recently, in the spinning workshop of Xuhengjia (Wusu) Textile Co., LTD., located in the east Industrial zone of Wusu City, three automatic production lines are fully opened. Workers wearing masks are busy at their stations.

"We have a total of three production lines, all in production, currently producing 20 tons of cotton yarn per day. The workers are working on two shifts so as not to delay production." Xu Hengjia (Wusu) Textile Co., LTD. Workshop director Song Junli said.

Xu Hengjia (Wusu) Textile Co., Ltd. is a textile - based enterprise. In August 2010, it attracted investment to settle in Wusu. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the company has strictly implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and implemented 24-hour closed management. More than 70 employees have all eaten and lived in the factory, and strictly implemented various epidemic prevention measures such as wearing masks, temperature measurement, sterilization and eating at the wrong time.

In recent months, while coordinating epidemic prevention and control work, Wusu has actively helped enterprises to rescue and solve difficulties. 13 textile enterprises have strictly implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and production safety, and their production has developed strongly at full capacity.

It is understood that in September, Wusu dispatched cadres from enterprises to enter enterprises to provide "one-to-one" directional services, take the initiative to coordinate with enterprises to guide detailed prevention and control measures, formulate epidemic prevention and control work plans and production implementation plans, fully support enterprises to provide epidemic prevention materials, logistics and transportation, ensure the supply of water, electricity, gas and other factors, and establish "green channel" for enterprise production.

"Since September 2, the company has been working in the company, focusing on solving the problems of raw materials entering the company's normal production and products leaving the company, including some personnel returning to the factory." Yang Zhicai, the cadre of UsU City Bureau of Commerce and Industrial Information Technology in Xu Hengjia Textile Co., LTD., said that resident enterprises can quickly and efficiently solve the problems of enterprises in the front line, laying the foundation for normal production of enterprises.

Thanks to the government's various rescue policies to help enterprises, enterprises have stable personnel, raw material supply is guaranteed, cotton yarn transport has a special channel, the economic benefits of enterprises have been guaranteed.

"From August to October this year, the company's sales reached more than 30 million yuan." Xu Hengjia (Wusu) Textile Co., LTD. General manager Zhang Chunxia said.

Lu Yong, secretary of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Usu Bureau of Commerce and Industry Information Technology, said textile companies are labor-intensive enterprises, and it is a top priority to prevent and control the epidemic and ensure production safety. Focusing on the goal of "epidemic prevention, stable economy and safe development", Wusu City implements the five unified principles of "unified health management, unified post management, unified staff dining, unified staff accommodation and unified closed management", and tries every means to solve the practical difficulties of textile enterprises. Due to the enterprises' policies, the implementation of precise services, and the promotion of enterprises to achieve full production. At present, the city's 13 textile enterprises full production catch orders.

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