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[Bold use of winter pop colors, with a different winter fashion!]
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- Winter color -

New height of beauty

Winter single item is nothing more than coat, down jacket and cotton jacket these several kinds of clothing, in fact, most of the version of the clothing is much the same, in order to wear a senior and personalized feeling, or need different colors to show a different style.

In order to make you better shape the kind of high-grade atmosphere of autumn and winter wear, Xiaobian summed up the simple and atmospheric clothing color collocation, so that you wear personality and fashion.

PART-01 Black

Of the base colors, black should be the one we use especially extensively in autumn and winter. Unique handsome and mysterious color, no matter in which season, has a very outstanding fashion expression.

In the use of black to shape their own fashion wearing effect, do not have to worry about the problem of color matching, universal color matching ability, so that it can hold all colors, but want to temperament fashionable, black coat with elegant color, visual effect is very good.

If you want to show a sense of hierarchy in the overall collocation, you can use black to match gray. Compared with a basic black with the same color, the combination of black and gray can not only present a sense of visual richness and hierarchy, but also avoid the dull sense of solid color collocation.

PART-02 white series

Compared with the calm and mysterious black, white brings us a brighter and clearer feeling. The same is the basic color matching, with white in the dress up, always can reflect a bright and fresh atmosphere, and this sense of brightness is what we need in the dreary winter.

When we use white to create the bright effect we want, we can try the combination of gentle light colors if we want to make the shape more gentle. If we want to make the dress more personalized, handsome black is very good.

However, because white is usually more soft, but the practicability of thin is not very strong, so it is easy to wear a bloated sense, so in winter if you want to control this color, the figure must be thin enough to feel the bone.

When using the basic pure white or off-white, you can match the basic black inside to wear a sense of sedate, and you can also match the gentle warm tone inside to wear the soft sense of mature women.

For white-collar workers, they can show enough crispness through the collocation of coats, and show enough femininity through the gentle warm colors.

PART-03 Earth color

The earth color of retro era is the first color picked by fashion hipsters in autumn and winter. Only brown, brown and other dark colors of color, although it looks very textured, but we need to show white collocation skills. A white sweater with a clean, soft, waxy color scheme will give you a soft, healing look.

Bright colors, such as caramel and brown, can easily wear a warm atmosphere, showing the upper body temperament, but also increase the styling affinity. Matching words, the same color of scarves, bags and hats and other accessories, but also to enhance the elegant style of the model, let you easily beautiful new height.

Lazy is also fashionable with the same color system collocation, very suitable for the earth color system. Through the transition of shades of color, you can wear a simple and not simple look, looking crisp and advanced. And the same color system has visual extension, choose a complete set of wear, small people can also wear a tall and shaped look.

The earth color is also very inclusive. We use the bag and hat accessories with high saturation color to form a small area of color contrast, and the modeling looks more individual and eye-catching. And the yellow system is very close to the earth color, collocation fashion is not easy to go wrong.

PART-04 Red

In so many colors that can bring advanced atmosphere, naturally, we can't miss our classic red modeling. In the face of such festive color matching, many people feel difficult to control, but in fact, as long as you can master a degree of selection, there is no problem with matching.

If you want to reduce the difficulty of red collocation, you can start with the color saturation, avoid bright and positive Chinese red when wearing, and use peach and orange red to show more sweetness.

Compared with the strong saturation of positive red, vintage red is also very suitable for our daily wear, not so high saturation, dark color, send out the overall high-level atmosphere, with light colors will have a very good fashion atmosphere.

The combination of bright red and light clean white will show a more refreshing and sweet matching effect. This combination of light color and bright color is more suitable for young women.

Different colors, with a different winter fashion. The above is to introduce the different colors of winter collocation, which color collocation do you pick?

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