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[With plastics everywhere, what are the effects of antibacterial plastics on our lives?]
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The application of antibacterial plastics in life

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Antimicrobial agents are chemicals that can keep the growth or reproduction of certain microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae and viruses, etc.) below the necessary level for a certain period of time.

The importance of plastic antimicrobial agents

Bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms are one of the main killers of human health. Surface pollution and bacteria breeding on various plastic products will pose a certain threat to the health of people who use and touch it. Adding a certain amount of antibacterial agents to these plastic products can make bacteria kill or inhibit their reproduction in a certain period of time, keep themselves clean and reduce the bacterial cross contamination between people, people and things, and things due to the use of these products.

Antimicrobial agents are highly sensitive to some bacteria, mold, fungi, yeast and other microorganisms of the chemical composition, the addition of a small amount in plastic, but can maintain the conventional properties and processing properties of plastic under the premise of the same, play a sterilization effect, the development of plastic products plays a very important role.

Different antibacterial agents have different antibacterial mechanism and effectiveness against the same pathogen, and the same antibacterial agents have different antibacterial mechanism and inhibition range against different pathogens.

The difference between disinfection and antibacterial

The forms of antibacterial and disinfection are different

Disinfection can kill the target microorganism quickly and thoroughly in the required time, the required location and the timely use. It has the characteristics of "active attack" in the form. And the antibacterial products made of the addition of antibacterial agents will only take effect when the bacteria are in contact with it, so that the bacteria can not colonize and breed on the surface, with the characteristics of "waiting for the rabbit".

The effect of antibacterial and disinfection is different

Disinfection products are mostly active substances, a considerable part (such as oxygen compounds, peroxide compounds, etc.) also belong to strong oxidants. Therefore, it has the characteristics of rapid killing of microorganisms, but at the same time, it is very unstable, fast decomposition after use or chemical reaction with other substances and failure, residual effect period is very short, to control the secondary pollution, can only be applied again. Antibacterial products are generally made by adding antibacterial agents with good stability, so the antibacterial products are stable in performance and have long-term antibacterial effect.

The purpose of antibacterial and disinfection is different

The purpose of disinfection is to prevent or reduce the spread of germs. In addition to preventing or reducing the spread of germs, antibacterial is also used to protect materials or products from microbial damage (such as spoilage, mildew, etc.).

Antibacterial plastic products

Plastic products are used everywhere in life. Although the surface of plastic products is smooth and easy to clean, bacteria can still survive, which also brings certain health risks to people. The use of antibacterial plastics can well inhibit and kill some bacteria and molds attached to plastic in the use environment. What are the applications of antibacterial plastics in our daily life?

01 Washing Machine

Washing machines, which we can't do without, are places where a lot of bacteria accumulate. The surface of many washing machines looks very clean, but it will produce bad smell, which is also caused by the presence of a lot of bacteria.

The manufacture of antibacterial washing machine: antibacterial plastic is used in the door seam washer, drain pipe and laundry bucket of antibacterial washing machine.

02 Air conditioner

The plastic used on the air conditioning is also a lot. Many families do not often clean the air conditioning. In fact, the air duct and hair dryer of the air conditioning are very suitable for the growth of bacteria, which are blown out by the air conditioning, thus causing a large-scale bacterial infection.

Made of antibacterial air conditioning: louvres wind direction, air outlet, air conditioning filtration system, drainage system and other antibacterial plastics, inhibit bacteria and other microorganisms in the humid environment caused by the growth of odor, resist the accumulation of bacteria, keep the air fresh.

03 Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen cutting boards, for example, are particularly prone to blackening and mildew during the rainy season in the South, and are prone to residual bacteria. There are 2 million staphylococcus bacteria and more than 100,000 E. coli bacteria in every square centimeter.

Antibacterial cutting board: 4%-5% silver ion antibacterial masterbatch is used to make antibacterial plastic cutting board, which can be antibacterial and mildew proof. Low water absorption, and hot water disinfection does not deteriorate deformation.

There are plastic products such as plastic wrap and plastic bags, which will produce musty smell for a long time. After use, they may also pollute the physical object and cause certain harm to the human body.

04 Water dispenser

In daily life, drinking fountains are also very easy to accumulate bacteria, especially in public water fountains, when using buckets of water upside down, the outside air is easy to enter the inside of the water fountain, bacteria also enter the inside.

With the water in the tank unable to drain, and the presence of heating pipes, the inside of the dispenser is also a breeding ground for bacteria. There are also "smart seats" on water dispensers and waste sinks that can easily store bacteria and contaminate the water outlet into the tank.

Ruizer antibacterial masterbatch, the antibacterial agent made into masterbatch, heat resistance, good dispersion, good filtration performance, good antibacterial effect, high long-term performance, washing resistance. Antibacterial masterbatch is widely used in plastic products, chemical fibers, non-woven fabrics, etc., can make its products have long-term antibacterial activity, has become an indispensable necessity of People's Daily life.

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