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[Keqiao enterprises to "go out to sea" pace accelerated]
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"Savadhika, long time no see! Tomorrow at 2 PM, Modern Building, the foreign trade coffee will be open for free, listen to a company in Thailand Keqiao company and tell you the true business story." On the afternoon of December 9, Han Jun, secretary-general of Shaoxing Keqiao Textile City Overseas Market Promotion Association, sent a message on wechat moments.

According to Han Jun, this is not a simple business sharing meeting, but also a mobilization meeting for Keqiao Sea Promotion Association to open a joint enterprise office in Thailand. "This campaign, since the launch of the initiative, 104 enterprises have signed up." Han Jun told reporters.

Founded in 2021, Keqiao Sea Promotion Association is one of the platforms of Silk Road Keqiao · Full World to promote and expand foreign trade textile enterprises. Currently, it has offices in 15 overseas countries such as the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and set up joint offices in the United States, South Korea and Vietnam.

In Dongdaemun, Seoul, Korea, the 260-square-meter joint office of Keqiao Sea Promotion Association Korea was set up here. In August this year, "Ten Thousand Cloth" and other 10 Keqiao textile enterprises went to sea together. Now more than three months have passed, half of the enterprises have received orders. "Through communication with the local textile association in South Korea, we plan to hold an international fabric exhibition in South Korea in the first half of each year to help more Keqiao enterprises to develop customers." Yu Zengfan, head of the South Korean branch of the Keqiao Sea Promotion Association, said the relevant situation has been reported to the government recently.

At the same time, the pace of enterprises gathering together to go to sea has been accelerated. After the optimization and adjustment of relevant epidemic prevention measures, the release efficiency of foreign merchants has become much higher. More merchants are coming from different parts of China's textile cities, and the signing rate of shops has steadily increased.

"In the past two days, customers from places like Shanghai, Zhengzhou and Xinjiang have come, and the passenger flow has increased more than usual." China textile city east market "Wesson textile" sales Luo Huan Ju obviously felt the market warming, "next hope to do a big fight." Looking at the merchants coming and going, Luo Huanju is full of energy. But while busy with clients, she and her colleagues also wear masks and take good personal hygiene protection.

The backflow of merchants has driven the confidence of business owners. Since December 7, China Textile Chengdong Market next year's shop signing volume has been raised. "Three days ago, about one third of the rent for the next year was not rented, which was only two days ago. Now basically all the houses on the first floor have been rented." Zhejiang China Textile City Group Co., LTD. East market branch responsible for Meng Weidong.

Bangladesh merchants Mingdu has been purchasing fabrics in Keqiao for many years. With regard to the world's largest textile distribution center, he is full of confidence: "I have been to many countries to do trade before, after comparison, I still think Keqiao's services and products are the best."

Actively seize market opportunities to boost the market recovery. Near the end of the year, taking advantage of the optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention measures, Zhejiang China Textile City Group Co., Ltd. is also planning more targeted investment policies in Longshan, and combined with the current market conditions, make new adjustments to the market format, to win back the merchants and orders.

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