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[The sustainable development of textile enterprises is facing more challenges!]
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At present, the situation of the textile industry is complex and changeable, and the recovery of demand is slow. "Gold three silver four" traditional market season overall lack of color, raw material prices are high, the downstream affordability is limited, product price increases are difficult. The sustainable development of textile enterprises is facing more challenges.

Pressure on the cotton mill before the festival

The arrival of the May Day holiday, some small and medium-sized cotton mills in May production will be significantly higher than in March and April, cotton and other raw materials inquiry, procurement lack of enthusiasm, the festival downstream and consumer terminal wait-and-see sentiment is strong, on the one hand, cotton textile, clothing domestic market is about to enter the traditional sense of the "off-season"; On the other hand, most of the small and medium-sized textile enterprises C40S below the number of cotton yarn production and marketing is still in the "upside down" state, the more orders means the greater the loss.

From the point of view of the quotation, recently Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu and other internal storage 3128B grade Xinjiang machine picking cotton quotation and cotton mill C3S2 in the package cotton yarn price difference of about 6000-6300 yuan/ton, cotton yarn futures CY2409 and CF2409 contract plate price difference is only 5600-5650 yuan/ton, for mainland textile enterprises, Spinning C32S and below count cotton yarn loss is relatively large. Although C50S and above the number of combed/combed cotton yarn has profits, but in March and April, the new orders are seriously insufficient, and the inventory has gradually risen, leading to a large part of the cotton mill in a dilemma.

Us cotton closed lower again

On Tuesday, ICE cotton fell 0.95% to 81.64 cents/pound, the United States cotton fell again, technical selling pressure cotton prices. The 07 contract fell 0.7 cents a pound, or 0.9 percent. The market's two-day rally has weakened again, lacking substantial positive support from the supply side. Zheng cotton night plate weak operation. Short-term external drag, internal and external price difference makes the advantage of imported cotton and cotton yarn rise, domestic demand is weaker than expected.

In the international market, there are more recent disturbance factors in the United States cotton, and the macro level continues to be under pressure. Better weather during the planting season and strong expectations of increased production have dragged down US cotton prices. However, after the US cotton futures price experienced a sharp correction, the negative has been released and is expected to gradually stabilize. In terms of the domestic market, the national cotton market monitoring system is expected this year's new cotton planting area fell 2.2% year on year, total production or little change, the first quarter of cotton imports hit a new high in nearly a decade, abundant supply, the recovery of terminal demand is slow, the basic face of cotton price support is insufficient, but the marginal drive is also limited, it is expected that the short-term Zheng cotton wide shock, waiting for new contradictions. On April 24, Zheng cotton main contract closed at 15770 yuan/ton at noon, down 105 yuan.

The downstream pure cotton yarn market is gradually weakening, the market mentality is cautious, and the wait-and-see mentality is mainly. Cotton yarn price correction is not large, the overall near 200 yuan, high-count yarn decline is relatively large. The whole cotton grey fabric market is weak and stable, and some textile factories speculate that demand will further weaken after the end of the May Day holiday, and small single transactions are currently maintained. Recently, weaving enterprises are not willing to purchase yarn, there is not much demand for replenishment, and the overall confidence in the market is insufficient.

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