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[The 4th China Textile New Materials Exhibition will open]
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The 4th China Textile New Materials Exhibition will be held in Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 9 to 11. As a professional exhibition in the field of upstream textile new materials, the exhibition is based on the advantages of Shaoxing Keqiao textile industry cluster, and combines national fiber enterprises and outstanding new material innovation and research and development enterprises to create a grand event of the whole textile industry chain, which has been successfully held for three times

To build five industrial chain exhibition areas: Exhibition area of more than 20000 square meters, building new materials, new weaving, new equipment, new materials, finishing five features galleries, gathered more than 300 various industrial chain link professional exhibitors, exhibits contain fiber, yarn, grey cloth, textile machinery, new fabrics, accessories, printing and dyeing auxiliaries and finishing technologies, such as scope, is expected to give priority to with new type fiber, released 100000 developing.

Core products of leading enterprises gather: As the core exhibitor group of previous new materials exhibition, this year, the United States DuPont, Zhongfang Green fiber, Egret chemical fiber, Zhejiang Longsheng, Jilin Chemical fiber (Tianzhu Alliance), Zhejiang Hengyi, Kaitaite fiber, Zhongfang Academy, Beauty New materials, Qingdao Bonte and other upstream head enterprises will participate in the special exhibition. China Filament Weaving Association, China Fabric Star Organizing Committee and other authoritative industry associations, institutions will also organize a large exhibition group appearance.

Five industrial activities were held: Taking the gathering of enterprises in the industry chain of the exhibition as an opportunity, the exhibition organizers will cooperate with China Filament Weaving Association, Zhejiang Textile Fabric Design Association, Guangzhou Clothing Culture Promotion Association, Henan Clothing Association, China Textile City Group, etc. Held "Textile Leading Industry Matchmaking Meeting", "China Filament Weaving Industry Supply Chain Conference", "2022 China Shaoxing Textile New Materials Forum", "Textile Cluster Industry Matchmaking Meeting", "China Light Textile City Field Matchmaking Meeting" and other industry activities. It is expected to gather more than 1300 people from upstream textile raw material enterprises, downstream fabric and processing enterprises, clothing brands and professional buyers.

Look at the change of fiber new materials released highlights

In recent years, the global total production capacity of viscose filament is about 280,000 tons, among which, China's capacity accounts for more than 75%; In 2021, China's carbon fiber operating capacity first surpassed the United States, becoming the world's largest production capacity, operating capacity accounted for 30.5%; With the rapid development of bamboo fiber in China, it is rapidly penetrating into high-end clothing, home textile and mattress industries. The potential market size of bamboo fiber clothing products is expected to approach 30 billion yuan in 2022... Along with the high-speed development of China's fiber capacity, high-quality biological recycling of chemical fiber, chemical fiber, differentiation of multiple antibacterial fiber, low temperature dyeing fiber, warm, comfortable safety protection cover type fiber, fiber, special high performance fiber and other fibers popular trend, has rapidly to the fashion culture, Chinese fiber brand attitude is gradually expand, in this exhibition, There will be a host of new products worth checking out.

Core production capacity exhibits of head enterprises: island silk, imitation cotton silk, recycled silk, cool polyester silk, antibacterial polyester silk, hot and warm polyester silk of Xingfa chemical fiber, bio-based rayon, bamboo fiber, carbon fiber of Jilin Chemical fiber, plant dyed yarn and copper fiber yarn of Dezhou Hengfeng Group, etc.

Innovative fiber aesthetics brand exhibits: Jimaliang Silk creates 16 hemp series with one hemp fiber, Qingdao Bunte creates Naturefi plant original composite fiber brand around green environmental protection, Zhejiang Haoneng Technology's wooly colored silk, colorful wooly imitation silk, wool gaili silk and other special composite fibers, Zhejiang Zhongyuan can be qualitative and quantitative tracking and identification of downstream products Recoyarns brand regenerated filament, etc.

Revolutionary fiber modification exhibits: Sorona two-component biomass high-elastic yarn authorized by DuPont of the United States, new Richcel new-generation environment-friendly high-end wood pulp fiber, Shaoxing Longtai's "mineral graphene-master-fiber-spinning" whole industrial chain product series, etc.

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