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[Keqiao Textile releases the development potential of "from cloth to clothing"]
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On the morning of September 17th, Jiang Yuexin, mayor of Gaoming District, Foshan City, invited the entrepreneurs of the textile and garment industry to have breakfast together, to understand the development status and difficulties of the industry, and to listen to the opinions and suggestions of entrepreneurs on cultivating and expanding the textile and garment industry chain.

At the meeting, leaders of six enterprises, including Yingxia Textile, Nanjin Textile, Shiqiang Textile, Kangtus Weaving equipment, Gaoxun Green intelligent equipment and Jinwei Textile, discussed their ideas, feelings and suggestions from the development status, development situation and future development prospects of the textile and apparel industry based on the actual development of enterprises. Actively for the transformation and upgrading of Gaoming textile and apparel industry, development and growth of suggestions.

Jiang Yue new communicate with enterprise head and said, the textile clothing industry is a traditional pillar industry, clever and safeguard people's life need eternal industry, current brillant district both domestic textile industry leading enterprises, also gathered a batch of specialization, the new enterprise, promote the development of textile and garment industry cluster, unity into chain, bigger and stronger, good foundation and conditions, have the potential.

Jiang Yuexin stressed that the government and enterprises should achieve "three hearts and three intentions", concerted efforts to promote the industry to accelerate the transformation and development. First, I hope that all entrepreneurs should TAKE root in GAoming with one heart AND ONE mind, and take GAOMING as the HAPPY land and home for the development of enterprises. Second, I hope that all entrepreneurs should concentrate on the business, to drill the profession, study the industry, understand the enterprise, and truly make a stronger, better and bigger enterprise as a lifelong career and pursuit. Third, government departments should serve enterprises sincerely and sincerely. They should bend down, listen attentively and do everything they can, and truly treat enterprises as farmers' fields and do their best to cultivate them. Treat entrepreneurs like their relatives, warm and intimate service.

At present, there are 37 textile and garment enterprises above designated size in Gaoming District, among which 6 are high-tech enterprises; It has 1 national technology center, 1 provincial engineering technology center, 1 municipal engineering technology center, and 6 district engineering technology centers. The number of enterprises in the industry accounted for 5% of the total number of textile and apparel enterprises in the city. In 2020, the output value of the industry accounted for 12.25% of the total output value of industrial enterprises above designated size in the District and 35.46% of the total output value of the textile and apparel industry in the city, ranking first in the city. In 2021, the region's textile and garment industry produced 104 million meters of cloth, accounting for about 21.6% of the city; Garment output 100 million pieces, accounting for about 20.79% of the city.

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