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[What are the good characteristics of polypropylene masterbatch?]
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Polypropylene masterbatche itself has very good characteristics, but if you buy inferior products, then not only will not have good use characteristics, and even bring a lot of trouble to themselves in the process of use. Therefore, when you buy this product, you must be careful to choose, especially to pay attention to five aspects: stability, use, quality, cost, whether appropriate. So the following Xiaobian to detail how to pay attention to these five aspects.

First, stability: some polypropylene masterbatch at that time the coloring effect is good, but after a period of time will appear fading and so on phenomenon, seriously affect the appearance and quality of plastic products.

Two, easy to use: some products are more difficult to use. It needs to be added to the water according to the amount and dissolved for a long time before use, wasting time. Some of them need to be stirred by high-speed dispersers for a long time to have a good uniform coloring effect, and some powder color masterbatches will be agglomerated when stirred badly, which seriously affects the product quality.

Three, stable quality: some manufacturers produce the quality of the product itself is very unstable, a number of may say that the color is very good. One batch may be very different, and the quality of the product will be seriously affected when used.

Four, the use of low cost: some polypropylene color master is very cheap, but the amount of add is large, the use of the cost is high. Some are expensive, but add a small amount of good results. Instead, the cost of use has dropped a lot.

Five, suitable: to choose suitable for their own needs, the effect is good, the use of low cost, easy to use, this point needs to be determined after the buyer trial.

So when you buy polypropylene masterbatch, you must pay attention to these five aspects, so as to effectively help yourself to avoid the possibility of buying fake and shoddy products. At the same time, Xiaobian reminds the majority of consumers, must be purchased in the regular manufacturers, do not covet cheap and no qualified production certificate and other formal manufacturers to buy.

Polypropylene masterbatches are of great help to our life. With the continuous development of science and technology, we believe that polypropylene masterbatches will have greater development in the future.

Polypropylene masterbatche batch instructions: according to the actual production of different equipment will have different processing temperature requirements, and the amount of coloring master batch should be controlled in 0.8%~5%, to ensure the smooth processing of non-woven fabric.

Because of its high color fastness, polypropylene masterbatches are mainly used in home textile fabrics, carpets, clothing, underwear, decorative fabrics, polypropylene rope and so on.

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